Cherry Mobile is the Philippines’ Top Phone Brand According to IDC

Filipino local made Android smartphones and tablets are now making noise in the local market. In fact, it very popular among almost Filipinos because of its affordable price, durability and specs that its offers. Cherry Mobile, Skk Mobile, Cloudfone, MyPhone and Starmobile are among the top choices in the Philippines right now. But according to International Data Corporation, Cherry Mobile is the country’s top smartphone brand in the Philippines in 2017.

In a press conference earlier this month, the market intelligence company detailed the top five smartphone brands that dominated the country this past year. Cherry Mobile still remains the top choice for Filipinos with a strong 23% market share, impressive as it is, the brand has strong local influence, competitively priced smartphones and a massive reach that spans onto lower-tier cities and rural areas.

Samsung follows at second place with 17% of total share, maintaining its 2016 position with a seemingly untarnished reputation over the Note7 fiasco which seemed to have a very minimal impact locally, combined with more offers from its Galaxy J series of smartphones. Samsung is still very popular in Filipinos who are looking for outstanding smartphone in the Philippines market.

Another popular smartphone is the Chinese brand OPPO, it is still at third place with 12% of the total shares and is attributed to its aggressive marketing campaigns using brand ambassadors and influencers, and the use of the selfie ideology as its key core component in its products distributed locally. One reason that is popular in Filipino Android smartphone users is the selfie technology that it offers.

Vivo is making name right now, it is one of the most popular choice smartphone brand now in the Philippines. From fifth last year,  jumped to fourth place now, noting that its similarly-substantial marketing activities and its partnership with Moonton’s Mobile Legends being key factors to its rise.

Rounding up the top five is, surprisingly, ASUS with a 5% market share. Despite the obstacles it faced with bigger marketing campaigns from other brands, the Taiwanese tech giant started to bring out again bang-for-the-buck devices that catapulted them to a better market share.

Other brands not listed share the 35% of the overall local smartphone market. 
Year: 2017                                                                      Market Share                                         
Cherry Mobile                                                                         23%                                                       
Samsung                                                                                  17%                                                       
OPPO                                                                                         13%                                                       
Vivo                                                                                              8%                                                       
ASUS                                                                                            5%                                                       
Others                                                                                        35%                                                      

The smartphone industry has also seen a difference when it comes to consumer preference, as phablets or devices 5.5-inches and up are becoming more popular compared to other device sizes. Users cite that bigger devices are better for entertainment consumption, among other reasons. 4G-equipped phone sales have also increased with a 54% market share last year, and average selling prices increased to USD134 or roughly Php7,000 when directly converted.

IDC also predicts that dual cameras, 18:9 displays, bezel-less designs, larger in-phone memory, and AI-assisted operations will dominate the trends for smartphones this year in the Philippines, and there is seen to be a bigger push with ESports, VR, and fitness content this year.

The IDC is a global provider of data-driven research, analysis, market intelligence, advisory services & events for the ICT, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets, and is often highly regarded for its market research.

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