How to Secure and Protect your iOS Device


Security treats and privacy issues should be your first concern when you have iPhone or iPad. You do not want your data and privacy to be accessed in the wrong hands. You don't have to download bunch of security and privacy apps in the App Store just make your iPhone or iPad secure.

How to Secure and Protect your iOS Device

All you have to do is knowing the built in features in iOS that will help your device more secure and safe than ever before. This are the top ten ways on how to secure your iPhone and iPad.

1. Update your iOS device firmware 
If there is an available update to your iOS device, it is better to update right away. Apple always provides frequent firmware updates to solve bug fixes, security fixes and also bring new cool features, it might also include additional security features for your iOS device to make more secure from various attacks such as viruses and malware. To update your iOS device, go to Settings>General>Software Update.

update ios firmware

2. Set Passcode 
One of the best ways to secure your iPhone or iPad is simply set the built-in Passcode feature in your device. It is a must to set up passcode to your iOS device to avoid unwanted access by family member, a friend or even a stranger. In case that is your iPhone is stolen or lost, the one that has your iPhone can't access your data. To do this, go the Settings>Touch ID & Passcode, then Turn Passcode On. The standard passcode is six digits long, but if you want to enable a different type of passcode, tap on the Passcode Options button, you have the options to choose what passcode security you want. You can choose a 4-digit code which is less secure or an alphanumeric code which is more secured and harder to guess or hack.

set ios passcode

3. Enable Two Factor Authentication 
If you want to have better security on your account in your iPhone or iPad, then you must consider to enable Two Factor Authentication, enabling this feature will make your account hard to hack or crack. In Settings, tap on your Apple ID account name, then tap on Password & Security and enable Two Factor Authentication. This will ask you to enter another code if you are using your Apple ID to new iOS device. The code will either sent to your phone number or your trusted iOS devices. It is difficult to access your account even though they your password but still they will not able to access because it needs second code or permission for the original account user.

enable two factor authentication

4. Enable Find My iPhone 
If your iPhone lost or stolen, Find My iPhone feature might help you to get your precious iPhone or iPad back. This free feature of iCloud uses the iPhone's built-in GPS to find the exact location on a map so you can track it to its current location. It's a great tool for finding lost and stolen devices. Not only can Find My iPhone help you locate a stolen or lost device, it can also assist in remotely wiping your private information so your device data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. To do this, go to Settings>Apple ID>iCloud>Find My iPhone and enable it.

enable find my iphone features

5. Disable Siri from lock screen 
In iOS 11, you can now access feature like Siri right from your lock screen, even if your device is locked, you can access Control Center, Siri, Wallet and many others. Siri can do a lot of things and it is better to disable it from lock screen. If you disable certain feature like Siri and Control Center from your lock screen, it will not allow other people to access certain feature you disable in the lock screen making your iOS device more secure and safe. To disable Siri in the lock screen, go to Settings>Touch ID and Passcode>Allow access when locked and disable features that will compromise your privacy like Siri and any in the list menu.

disable siri from lockscreen

6. Enable Erase Data 
If you have important data on your iPhone or iPad and you do not want others other that you to access it. This feature Erase Data must be turn on. In case your iOS device is lost or stolen, and someone has it and wants to access all your data. You don’t have worry if this feature is turned because it will erase the all data that is stored on your iPhone or iPad after ten failed attempts. It will remove all your private data and you don’t have to worry if someone want to access it. To enable it, go to Settings>Touch ID & Passcode and enable "Erase Data".

enable erase data ios device

7. Don't  Jailbreak your iPhone and iPad
If you are concerned of the security of your iPhone or iPad, then you should not jailbreak your iOS device. A jailbroken device is more vulnerable to such virus or malware attack compared to a none jailbroken device. Although you can do a lot of things if you have a jailbroken device like customizing and other staff, but for the sake of iPhone security, it is better not to do a jailbreak.

dont jailbreak ios device

8. Block All Safari Cookies 
Cookies will allow websites to save a little bit of your information, it is useful in some case that if you will come back to certain website, it will load faster because of information save which is cookies. The downside of this is that cookies are not way to go if you are concerned of your privacy. You can now have the option to block cookies so that it will not save information on certain websites. Although it will not load faster as it used to be on some sites, at least your privacy is secured and that is important. To disable cookies, go to Settings>Safari, then turn on the "Block All Cookies". Now you don't have to worry about your privacy when you are browsing the internet.

block all safari cookies

9. Install VPN Services Apps 
There are third party apps that is available in App Store that will help improve your iPhone or iPad security. VPN services apps are way to go if you want to have better security on your iOS device. VPN app will help secure your data and privacy specially when you are browsing the net using Public Wi-Fi Network. It will shield your browsing activity when you are connected to public Wi-Fi network. Public Wi-Fi network is vulnerable from attacks such sniffing, malware and viruses. With VPN, your browsing activity is safe and also you will also be able to access restricted website that are not allowed in your region. Your privacy is safe when you are using VPN services when you are connected to Wi-Fi public network.

install vpn services ios device

10. Stay away from Suspicious Website and Links 
Another simple way and important tip to keep your iPhone secure is to stay away from suspicious websites and do not click or open suspicious links. It might have a malware or virus that will compromise your data and privacy. Do not fill your personal information on a suspicious website that will hack your data or information that is saved on your iOS device. It is better to stay away from those suspicious links and website.

dont click suspicious link


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