Huawei Throws Shade at Apple, Teases Huawei Mate 20 is Coming

Apple just launched the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone XR – a revamped version of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 line. Everyone now talking about the new iPhones. Huawei took the opportunity to throws shade at Apple on Twitter. Supposed to be a big day for Apple, its rival joined the party by dissing the 2018 iPhones. Huawei has released a new Huawei Mate 20 teaser by thanking Apple “for keeping it the same."

Huawei Throws Shade at Apple Teases Huawei Mate 20

If you look at today’s news, you might notice an overwhelming sea of Apple launches. As with every year, the tech maker has launched all its big hitters in one basket. Right now, everyone’s talking about Apple. Apple equipped new devices with the new A12 bionic chip. Also, the three handsets now support dual-SIM connectivity, which was a normal thing for any Android and basic phones today.

It’s no secret that Huawei has taken jabs at pretty much every in the industry and are known for throwing a shade at other brands.They did it when Samsung launched the Note 9. And now, they made sure Apple got their fair share of shade too.

Technically, Huawei didn’t mention Apple, we could easily see the shade being thrown to the brand’s latest premium devices. Moreover, Huawei bragged that its company is always “beyond consistency, beyond horizon, and beyond intelligence.” Huawei Mate 20 series is set to take its stage in London on October 16.

Huawei Mate 20 is Coming

As you might expect, even rivaling companies are joining in on the fun. After every Apple event, other brands race to throw the first shade at Apple’s new lineup. Now, we finally have a winner — Huawei. Shortly after the keynote, it's obvious that Huawei posted a tweet aimed at the new iPhones. As far as shade goes, Huawei usually takes a subtler route, compared to others like Samsung. The same goes for this recent tweet.

Additionally, Huawei also invites everyone to its own event on October 16. By now, we already know that Huawei will launch the Mate 20 series at this date. Currently, the company has still kept mum as to what will come with the Mate 20. However, based on previous launches, we know that the series will launch the new Kirin 980 processor. Like Apple’s new processor, Huawei will flaunt the latest 7nm processor.

CEO Richard Yu even said that its upcoming Mate 20 flagship will be unveiled in London on October 16 and sport the just-unveiled Kirin 980 chipset. In an image for the event, the company teased the outline of a phone that looks as though it has almost no bezel.

As for design, Huawei will likely boast a smaller notch, compared to Apple’s gigantic one. Regardless of the rumors, we will know all on October 16 in London. Huawei promises that the Mate 20 series will go “beyond consistency,” “beyond horizon,” and “beyond intelligence.”

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