Huawei Will Unveil the Flagship Smartphone Mate 20 on October 16

Huawei's  phones have become very popular to smartphone users. Thanks to its designs with large screen and powerful specs, most Android users prefer Huawei smartphones. CEO Richard Yu announced at IFA on Friday that its upcoming Mate 20 flagship will be unveiled in London on October 16 and sport the just-unveiled Kirin 980 chipset. In an image for the event, the company teased the outline of a phone that looks as though it has almost no bezel.

Huawei Unveil the Flagship Smartphone Mate 20

The Mate range is the larger of Huawei's two flagship phone series, and rumors suggest the Mate 20 Pro could have a screen as large as 6.9 inches. According to valid source, the Mate 20 will feature a 6.3-inch screen with a smaller notch than phones currently available on the market. It'll also purportedly have a large 4,200 mAh battery and three cameras on its back, perhaps similar to the P20 Pro.

The company used Europe's largest trade show as an opportunity to unveil its latest chipset, the Kirin 980, which will be in the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro. The chip has eight cores: four small ones to handle power management, two medium cores to provide long-lasting performance and two large cores to turbo-boost a phone, it can handle most demanding gaming applications and multitasking with ease.

In the past, the Mate flagships have been Huawei's offering to US customers - a way to bring the technology of the P series to America. But given the company's troubles with the States this year, it's hard to tell whether the Mate 20 will be headed to London. Yu himself didn't reveal much more about the launch of the flagship, except to talk about how well the P20 series has performed and unveil new color gradient and leather finishes for that handset. Guess we'll just have to wait till October 16 to find out.

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