Lenovo’s Foldable Smartphone Might Launch in October

We are now entering the era of the next generation of smartphone technology, foldable phones are next to watch out, and if you are still not excited about the foldable phones, this teaser video by Lenovo may change your mind. Leading smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei are currently working on a foldable smartphone. Samsung and Huawei both claim that they want to the first to launch such unique device.

Lenovo’s foldable smartphone debut in October

While Huawei and Samsung are battling it out on foldable phone front, it is possible that Lenovo might take the lead by introducing the world’s first foldable smartphone in the smartphone market. The China-based company’s foldable smartphone, which made its first appearance as a concept at Lenovo Tech World Conference 2016, has been teased by the company.

Lenovo shared a 10-second video of the foldable phone’s prototype version with a caption that reads – “We are just so terribly good. It’s time to show off. We’ll see you in October.” The video teaser, which was posted on Lenovo’s official Weibo account, shows a working phone that has a foldable design. We can see that the device continues to recognise and allow touch input when it gets folded at around 80-degree angle. However, there are a couple of dark spots on the right edge of the display, probably due to wear and tear.

The post suggests that the company is all set to launch the foldable smartphone later this month. However, there is no further information available regarding this, apart from the Weibo post by the company. It’s unclear at this point what Lenovo has up its sleeves for the month of October. Lenovo will likely reveal the first few details about its future offering before its eventual release.

Based on rumors,  the device will come with a 4.35-inch AMOLED display that can automatically change the smartphone mode or watch mode based on the usage. It’s not clear if the company is actually planning to launch the device later this month or just showcase it.

Lenovo hasn’t officially confirmed an event for October 2018 through any of its other social media channels.  Unfortunately, there are no explanations, so it is not clear where this device was shown and what’s on the inside. We’ll have to wait until the phone’s official launch on October for official confirmation.

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