Oppo introduces Hyper Boost technology to boost smartphone overall performance

OPPO recently announced a new technology that will improve overall performance of their smartphones – the OPPO Hyper Boost. OPPO Mobile’s Hyper Boost aims to elevate user experience through improvements in power consumption and overall smartphone performance. The new technology is developed extensively over the year and it will be first available in Oppo R17 and Oppo R17 Pro.

The Hyper Boost mobile acceleration technology from Oppo is meant to provide an improved system, gaming and other performances. Starting with system performance, the company has introduced a new Behaviour Aware Scheduling (BAS) that basically optimises the usage of the hardware resources for a smooth and stable experience. This will help apps to have 31.91 per cent shorter loading time.

Hyper Boost works by enabling real-time “two-way dialogs” between applications and system resources. It learns various usage scenarios and behaviors, and allocates resources across accordingly. As a result, hardware resources are better utilized, response speed of apps and games are faster, and operations of the overall system are smoother. For system performance, Hyper Boost is said to deliver system-level optimization across the Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms, and promises faster app loading times of up to 30%.

For gaming, OPPO mentions working with Unreal, Unity, and Cocos. The new technology supports 11 of the most popular mobile games in the market, such as Honor of Kings and PUBG. The enhancement also includes network acceleration technology that helps distributes traffic between cellular and Wi-Fi, reducing overall network latency

Hyper Boost consists of three engines to provide acceleration at three levels: system, game, and application.

• System engine - Hyper Boost delivers system-level optimization across the Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms. The system engine provides over 50 solutions for optimizing the utilization of the underlying hardware resources against 20-plus software scenarios and 20-plus software behaviors, ensuring that users have a smooth and stable experience in almost every common scenario. This optimization helps general applications achieve up to 31.91% shorter loading time.

• Game engine - One of the smartphone manufacturers to first work with Tencent, Netease and game engines such as Unreal, Unity, and Cocos, OPPO is well-equipped to implement underlying optimization on the Top 100 mobile games. This game engine provides optimization for 11 of the most popular mobile games on the market, such as the “Honor of Kings” and “PUBG”. Its polymorphic network acceleration technology can intelligently distribute the traffic between the cellular and Wi-Fi data network channels. This optimization reduces the overall network latency to offer players a more relaxing and smooth gaming experience.

• Application engine - Platform-level applications including WeChat, Mobile Taobao, and Mobile QQ have been among the first applications that Hyper Boost targets for optimization. The optimization provides dramatic acceleration in 39 common usage scenarios for users of these heavily used applications.

The company claims with Hyper Boost the fluidity of incoming and outgoing WeChat messages has improved by 29.8 per cent, while the smoothness of the scrolling through the app increased by 19.9 per cent. Oppo further added that it will combine AI (artificial intelligence) with the Hyber Boost technology to make it more efficient in the near future.

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