LG patent hints at a smartphone with sixteen rear camera-lens

LG is known for introducing a lot of firsts in the smartphone industry. The Korean tech giant company keeps experimenting in the optics department and some have turned out successful. The latest from the company is a patents that reveals a smartphone with 16 camera-lens setup.

LG patent hints a smartphone with sixteen rear cameras-lens

LG Electronics patents hints at a smartphone design with 16 rear cameras in total. According to the patent, the camera array can be used to 3D scan objects. It will simply take 16 images in a lot of angles. It can also generate "moving images" by combining data from various cameras.

It is simply more than the triple-camera setup of the Mate 20 Pro and the quad-camera system of the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018). Around October, Samsung released the Galaxy A7 Pro also with a trio of cameras all while hinting at the imminent arrival of A9 Pro with even more snappers at the back. It even has more cameras than the leaked Nokia 9 Android smartphone by HMD Global with five camera module are still circulating the net.

LG envisions this future handset's multiple lenses to be arranged in a 4 x 4 array forming a square with each optic having a different curvature for capturing various angles of the subject in one go. This configuration supposedly aims to allow the user - through the software - to choose which angle looks best in the final shot.

LG smartphone with sixteen rear cameras-lens

The patent also showed that the camera system can be used to replace sections of a photo with sections taken from a different angle. The patent also suggests you can replace sections of a photo with sections taken from a different angle.

LG to use all those 16 cameras to enable a more powerful lossless zoom capability, to get wide-angle landscape shots or close-up macro images with better dynamic range, to provide a more natural looking shallow depth of field effect in portraits or product shots, and to capture ultra-clear and crisp photos in low light conditions.

It is said that users will be able to choose and combine multiple lenses together before taking a picture or even combine multiple parts of photos taken by the different cameras into a single one or a moving image.

The 16 cameras can also be used to take selfie photos as the patent says the mobile phone can have a sort of “mirror” integrated on the back or even a secondary display. Notwithstanding, the phone will still have a front camera for video calls or regular selfies.

We just do no know yet how will LG implement this in real life. Smartphones today are getting slimmer. It will be quite hard to cram all those lenses at the back. This is just a patent for now, with no indication that LG is actually planning to put this into a smartphone. But with the ever-escalating battle to push phone cameras to the limit, it may only be a matter of time until the hexadecimal camera is a reality.

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