OPPO to launch smartphone with 10x lossless zoom technology in Q2 this year

OPPO has unveiled and showcased its new “10x lossless zoom” technology at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. It offers a more versatile shooting experience thanks to its 48MP primary sensor paired with 16MP 120-degree ultra wide-angle lens, and two D-Cut lenses which was assembled like a periscope-like lens.

OPPO to launch smartphone with 10x lossless zoom technology in Q2 this year

OPPO’s 10x zoom technology doesn’t work with a single lens alone. OPPO developed a triple-camera solution consisting of a 48MP main camera, a 120-degree ultra-wide (16mm equivalent), and a telephoto (159mm equivalent). These cameras form the hardware foundation of the company’s “10x lossless zoom” technology.

It also comes Dual OIS image stabilization for the primary camera and the wide lens with 0.001445-degree of stabilization precision which assures that its 10x lossless zoom is usable in different lighting situations. This triple-camera setup can cover 35mm equivalent of 16mm to 160mm of focal length. Basically, it can shoot up to 10x lossless zoom. In addition, it has up to 20x digital zoom!

Since the phone is just a prototype device, the software is not yet final. There are times where the zoom will work and there are times where it will fail. You will need at least a meter of distance from your subject before you can zoom as well.

OPPO smartphone with 10x lossless zoom technology

When it works, the 10x and below zoom delivered images with crisp details and less noise for a zoomed camera phone photo. The 20x digital zoom is not great, but far from bad. What we can say is that the OPPO's new camera technology is just simply promising. It can really zoom!

OPPO smartphone 10x lossless zoom samples

When it comes to durability, OPPO says that it uses the industry benchmark-level drop tests to ensure the reliability of the camera module. This includes two rounds of drop tests for the prism, with each round consisting 10,000 times on the front and back sides, and 2,000 times on the remaining four sides, adding to a total of 28,000 drop tests.

If OPPO can achieve this tech before it comes out on an actual smartphone, it can be a breakthrough in mobile the photography world. Unlike its 5x zoom tech last 2017 that never made it to a commercial unit, OPPO says that the 10x lossless zoom technology is now mass-production ready and will appear in their next product in Q2 of this year.

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