Samsung Galaxy S10 5G unit reportedly explodes in Korea

Samsung had a bad phase in 2017 when several Galaxy Note 7 units exploded due to battery design and the smartphone drew a lot of flak from users as well as a ban on the device. It took the brand a Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition as a tribute and couple of years to move out of the shadow of that unfortunate incident. However, Samsung might be looking at a bad case of Deja Vu, as a Korean user has reported that his Galaxy S10 5G exploded and got damaged.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G unit reportedly explodes in Korea

A Samsung Galaxy S10 5G owner has taken to an online platform to share some disturbing photos of the flagship smartphone after it apparently caught fire and exploded. It’s clear to see in the images the massive amount of damage the device has sustained; fortunately, it seems the user was not injured in the incident.

This is actually more worrisome than the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, which was triggered by charging the phone. The smartphone actually heating up by itself and bursting into flames is more worrisome. The images shared by the user shows the Galaxy S10 5G heavily damaged by fire on the front as well as the back panel.

According to the post by the user, he took the smartphone to the Samsung Care Center immediately. However, the centre didn’t offer any replacement or refund for the damaged device. If the reports are to be believed, this is the first ever incident of the Galaxy S10 5G exploding and we can expect this to be a one-off incidence. However, the South Korean brand is yet to respond officially regarding the mishap.

It’s not yet entirely clear what caused the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G to set alight and then explode. The user had reported an external damage mark, which may have been caused by whatever eventually caused the device to catch fire – such as a faulty battery. The incident is reminiscent of the massive disaster Samsung had with the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which notoriously suffered from a manufacturing defect in the battery that made units overheat and even set on fire.

The owner stated that the device had only been used for six days before it overheated and blew up. Apparently, Samsung has checked the smartphone in question and could not find any inherent product defect, with the implication that an external shock unrelated to any fault with the device’s components made the Galaxy S10 5G eventually explode.

To jog your memory, the smartphone launched officially in Korea on April 5th and was expected to arrive in the US and European markets soon.


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