Huawei aims to release world's first 5G TV in 8K resolution in 2019

If you kept track of MWC this year, you already know that 5G was the buzzword at the tech expo and for a very valid reason. 2019 is going to be the year when the much-awaited 5G network takes off as several smartphone makers are gearing up to launch their 5G-enabled smartphones. Huawei has a very ambitious plan for this year 2019, and it’s not just limited to the smartphone sector.

Huawei aims to release world's first 5G TV in 8K resolution in 2019

The Chinese tech giant company is planning to release its first 5G TV as early as this year, in order to offer a complete ecosystem of hi-tech products. According to a report by Nikkei, Huawei is all set to launch a high-end smart TV later this year, which will come with an integrated 5G module and an 8K high-resolution display panel.

The ultra high-definition 8K resolution will be the first of its kind in the world. Additionally, having an integrated 5G module will mean that the need for fibre optics or cable boxes are eliminated. Thanks to such a TV, people would be able to download 360-degree videos, VR content and other heavy video content in a short time, and they won’t even need a local connection, nor cable TV or satellite broadcast services in order to find a lot of content with outstanding quality. 

With the 5G connectivity, the Huawei TV will also behave like a hub for smart home appliances. A 5G TV is definitely a step forward to take on Samsung‘s business which is one of the most important TV manufacturers in the world, as well as its main competitor in the smartphones market. Samsung has already released 8K TVs, but the Korean giant still does not have a 5G-enabled TV in its catalog. Besides trying to launch the first 5G TV, Huawei is also looking to conquer the PC market.

The report suggests that this is Huawei’s attempt to expand its ecosystem of consumer appliances. According to Nikkei, the brand is trying to compete with Samsung with this launch, that already has an ecosystem of TVs, smartphones, wearables, and smart home devices in its portfolio.

Additionally, several Chinese makers have shown interest in rolling out their own 8K smart TVs and the timeline has been set for 2020. If Huawei goes ahead and launches the 5G 8K TV by the end of this year, it will be pioneering a technology that could become a mainstay given the popularity of 5G.


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