OPPO launches Mesh Talk: Can make calls/SMS even with no carrier or data

Aside from the under-screen selfie camera, OPPO showed off a new technology called MeshTalk at MWC Shanghai 2019. It's a modern walkie-talkie-like tech that can allow users to make calls and even send SMS to each other without the need for a cellular network, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connection.

OPPO launches Mesh Talk: Can make calls/SMS even with no carrier or data

OPPO says users will be able to send texts, voice messages, and make phone calls to OPPO devices within a 3km range. Multiple devices will also be able to “create an ad hoc local area network (LAN) that allows for the creation of group chats and also helps to expand the communication range via a signal relay”.

MeshTalk  uses signal relay between devices to provide a decentralised, end-to-end messaging system that can be operated within a radius of 3km, or in a greater circle too, if the user is in a crowded area. While brief voice notes will not be entirely out of the equation, it is not clear if the OPPO MeshTalk technology would only function via text messages or involve audio transmission as well.

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OPPO also plans for it to work with a 72-hour standby mode so that phones an still be reached in an emergency when they’re low on power. It uses a custom chip with enhanced sensitivity to achieve long range communication. Even if its a low-bandwidth system, it still supports voice calls and text messages.

OPPO did not reveal the kind of tech behind it or when will the first phone with MeshTalk be available. It is also not clear if the tech will work with existing OPPO phones.But one thing is for sure. This tech could be beneficial in situations where users don't have GSM connections or internet connectivity. It might be useful for emergencies as well.

OPPO has proved once again that it is one of the forerunners in mobile innovation. The Chinese phone company has invested a lot in research and development and keeps coming up with new technologies. MeshTalk wasn’t the only feature it showed off at MWC Shanghai today, it also showcased its Under Screen Camera (USC) technology which should become the trend in a year.

Source: BGR

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