OPPO teases a phone with under-display selfie camera technology

On their official Twitter account, OPPO has just uploaded a teaser of its prototype smartphone that has an under-display selfie camera technology.

OPPO teases under-display selfie camera technology

Smartphone technology keeps growing at a rapid pace and with each new iteration, new technology is making its way. Nowadays, most smartphone manufacturers, including Oppo, are working on provided higher screen-to-body ratio.

With an aim to offer a full-screen smartphone, the companies have adopted various different solutions, including notches, punch-hole display, and pop-up front-facing camera. Now, the next step for the manufacturers is the in-display camera sensors.

A smartphone with a selfie camera hidden under the screen!
In the short video posted by OPPO’s Vice President Brian Shen on his Weibo account, a prototype phone showed that it has no notch, punch-hole, and pop-up camera mechanism. Instead, OPPO cleverly placed the selfie camera under the display of the phone. After it takes a photo in the video, a person’s finger can be seen hovering around an area where the under-display camera could be.

Brian Shen has added that this under-screen camera technology is still in its initial stages. Brian Shen stated that, “At this stage, it’s difficult for under-display cameras to match the same results as normal cameras, there’s bound to be some loss in optical quality. But, no new technology jumps to perfection right away.”

Currently, there’s no information about when this under-display camera technology will be mass-produced and when we can actually see a commercial smartphone using this tech. However, as per the reports, Oppo’s sister company Vivo is also working on similar technology, possibly for its next-gen Apex series smartphone.

Apart from Oppo and Vivo, South Korea-based Samsung is also working on under-display camera technology for smartphones. Last month, Samsung’s vice president of the display R&D group, Yang Byung-Duk hinted about the possibility of a ‘perfect full-screen’ display where all the sensors will be embedded into the display without hindering the viewing experience.

Source: OPPO

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