OPPO unveils world's first Under-Screen Camera technology

OPPO has took its spotlight at MWC Shanghai 2019, as it showcased its latest innovation, the Under-Screen camera technology, that completely eliminates the notch and make an all-screen phone with no pop-up mechanism.

OPPO showcases world's first Under-Screen Camera technology

The Chinese mobile maker recently teased its newest innovation but the company didn’t really explain how this technology works. Xiaomi revealed that they’re also working on a device that features the same camera mechanism. However, it seems like OPPO is currently leading the race, as the brand allows MWC attendees to test its under-screen camera tech.

The demo unit flashes an immersive display that has no notch, punch-hole design, or a pop-up camera design. When not in use, the panel hides its camera, enabling the device to flaunt an all-screen display. Meanwhile, upon launching the camera app, a circular motion will appear to reveal its lens hidden under the screen.

OPPO world's first Under-Screen Camera tech

According to OPPO, the company made it possible by using a custom transparent material that works with a redesigned pixel structure to allow the light get through the camera. The company added that it has a larger selfie camera with a wider aperture size to ensure that its quality won't suffer. Its camera is also unique, as it comes with a large aperture, big sensor, and greater pixel size to prevent light refraction.

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However, the technology is far from perfect yet. OPPO acknowledge that they still have problems with haze, glare, and color cast. Fortunately, OPPO has used three algorithm to combat the problem. The company will work on adjustments with white balance, HDR, and haze. It is a gen 1 technology, so those weaknesses are understandable.

OPPO said that its under-display camera is expected to launch soon, but it didn’t reveal any specs, prices, or exact availability.

Source: Gizmodo

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