Cherry Mobile intros Ion Lite, priced at PHP 2,300

Cherry Mobile has just announced its upcoming personal air purifier that is an even more affordable version of the Cherry Ion, the Cherry Ion Lite.

The new Cherry Ion LIte comes with a smaller and lighter design in the stylish Cosmic Black colorway. It has a bar-like design with a minimalist print of the Cherry logo and an LED indicator below.

Compared to its predecessor, the device emits 20 million electrically negative charged molecules or atoms called anions that pulls away pollutants from the user, giving you clean air within a three-feet zone.

These anions transfer the charge to polluting particles like those that carry viruses, allergens, cigarette smoke, and dust, which then gets attracted to surfaces, pulling them away from the user’s breathing space.

The benefits of negative ions include the following:
1. Shield you from germs, airborne viruses, dust, and molds in the air
2. Help prevent colds
3. Lower stress level
4. Strengthen the immune system
5. Improve immune system
6. Improve blood circulation

The effectivity range, battery life, and other details about the new Cherry Ion Lite are yet to be revealed.

The Cherry Ion Lite will retail for PHP 2,300. Cherry Mobile is yet to announce its availability.

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