How to Activate Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

How to activate hidden Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has been working on dark mode for its Messenger app for a while now. The social media giant even revealed that the work is not complete and will take some time before the dark mode is officially available.

However, it looks like Facebook embedded an Easter Egg inside the Messenger app which allows users to get access to dark mode immediately. Facebook Dark Mode feature has not officially rolled out to everyone yet but we’ve found a simple trick or way to activate the Dark Mode feature in Facebook Messenger.

To enable Dark Mode feature, you just need to send the crescent moon emoji(🌙) to any of your existing chats. Just open any chat, group or individual. Pick-out the Crescent Moon Emoji(🌙)  and then tap send and a falling moon animation will pop up. That’s it.

Hidden Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

Once done, a “You found Dark Mode!” message will pop up. Go to the FB Messenger’s Settings and toggle Dark Mode on to activate. Be warned, though, that not all features have already been converted to a dark mode mention as a popup will warn you of such when you toggle it on the first time.

In case if it didn't work, just make sure that you have the latest version of the Messenger app to enjoy this update! If you want to turn off the Dark Mode feature and want to go back to Light Mode, is not a problem, turning off the Dark Mode is easy as well. You simply have to go to your Messenger Settings, and you will see an option to toggle it off.

Take note that Dark Mode on the app is not yet final. Meaning you might find some black text on the dark mode’s black background here and there. The Easter Egg is available on both iOS and Android. Make sure to have the latest FB Messenger or the latest beta version.

Facebook plans to officially roll out this feature in the coming weeks or months to all users, so you may use this method the soonest if you want to have a fresh look, or want to save energy with your smartphone or tablet.

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