How to Type Multiplication Sign (×) in Computer

The Multiplication symbol, also known as the times sign, is a sign used in mathematics to show the multiplication operation. This symbol isn't found on most keyboards, but there are ways to enter it on your computer in every major operating system.

Multiplication Sign (×) in Computer Keyboard

If you don't know how to type a multiplication sign (×) in your computer or laptop, worry no more, you’ll learn about the simple methods to type the times sign on the keyboard on your computer.

Just follow the simple instructions given below. You can choose any of the 2 options for multiplication sign/symbol.

Make Multiplication Sign (×) in Computer Keyboard

1. How to use the keyboard shortcut for multiplication symbol (×). ?
Hold Alt in your keyboard while pressing 0215: Alt + 0215 = ×
Note: Use the Numpad (Numeric pad) located on the right side of your keyboard. It will not work if you use the numeric characters located on the upper part of the alphabet in the keyboard. 

2. Just copy and paste the multiplication sign below: Choose any of the following (in different sizes).
 × × × × × ×

You can paste it anywhere you want. In terms of design, letter x is has a slight difference with a real multiplication sign ×. So use the one which is convenient for you. 

Did you try the keyboard shortcut of the multiplication sign ×? If you still want something to be clarified about this symbol, please let us know in the comments section below.

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