How to Get and Register SSS Number Online for 2021

The Philippine Social Security System has recently opened a facility to apply for an SSS Number at the comfort of your home. With the use of technology and information systems, our government is “trying” to cope up with automation of processes.

Maybe it is your first time to work or you are applying for a job. Many of us will need our SSS Number for a lot of purposes. If you still have no Social Security System (SSS) number, you may now get it and apply online. SSS number is essential lfor work or employment whether in private sectors, professional, and informal sectors.

No more long queues as you can now be able to get your SSS number online right away. The online facility is only for those who do not have existing SSS number yet. Meaning, it is only for first time SSS member who will register the first time. In this helpful guide, we are sharing the latest step by step instruction on how to get an SSS Number Online for 2019.

Here are the few reminders that you need to know before applying for your SSS Number:

1. You will need an email address because your a confirmation link will be sent to your email to proceed. A copy of your SS Number Application will also be sent in your email.
2. Accomplish the online form correctly. Incorrect information entered in your registration may cause a difficulty in filing/claiming of benefits in the future.
3. The SS Number that will be issued online is tagged as Temporary. You need to go to any SSS branch near you to submit your required supporting documents. This means that the SS Number can only be used for:
  • Contribution payment and employee reporting by the employer
  • Submission of required documents for conversion of Membership Status from Temporary to Permanent.
4. Availment of SSS loans and benefits (subject to qualifying conditions) and UMID Card Application (provided applicant has one(1) posted contributions) shall be allowed only for Permanent Membership Status.

When going to any SSS Branch to submit your required documents and convert your membership status to Permanent, you need to:

  1. Print your SS Number Slip, a copy is sent to your email just in case you did not download a copy of your SS Number Slip.
  2. Bring one(1) Primary Documents and any two(2) of the Secondary Documents (see list here) together with the SSS Number slip.
  3. If married, bring a copy of your Marriage Contract
  4. If has child/ren, also bring a copy of the child/ren’s Birth Certificate
  5. For Non-Working Spouse, your working spouse must sign before his/her name on the printed Personal Record Form. The signature of your working spouse signifies that he/she agrees with your SSS Membership.

How to Apply SSS Number Online for 2021

Step 1: Go to SSS Number Online Registration page and click the link as required to fill out the form. (See the picture below).

Step 2: In the next page, fill it up and input your details correctly. The purpose of this form is to verify if you have existing records in SSS database. You shouldn’t have duplicate SSS number as it is a violation of Philippine Law. Make sure you only enter correct and true details of your personal information and then click Submit.

Step 3:  Make sure your email address is active and you have access on it because this is where you will receive confirmation from SSS about your SSS Number Online application. Once submitted, a link will be sent to your email address. Check also your Spam folder, the SSS Email contains a link so it has a chance that your email provider might consider it as spam. Click the link or copy and paste it to your browser.

Step 4: Once done, submit your online form.

Bear in mind that registering online, you still need to go to your nearest SSS Branch to submit the supporting documents needed. The SS number that you get online is still ‘temporary’ and to change to ‘permanent’, you have to submit the required supporting documents. The SS number you get online can only be used for contribution payment and employee reporting by the employer.

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When you visit the SSS branch, bring the following SSS requirements:
  • Birth certificate
  • Valid ID
  • any other supporting documents will help and save you time

We hope this article has been informative regarding on How to Get SSS Number Online for this year 2021. If you have questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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