JRS Express Rates for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao

JRS Express is one of the leading express delivery company in the Philippines. JRS provides express delivery service as well as other value-added logistics services to consumers and businesses through its extensive and reliable nationwide network of 400 branches. In fact, JRS has established itself as one of the largest express delivery service providers in the country with over 57 years in the business.

JRS Express Rates in the Philippines 2019

JRS Express offers delivery and padala services for both domestic and international at very affordable rates compare to LBC and other couriers here in the Philippines. In case, you are interested about the rates of JRS Express shipping services, we are listing here the key cities or metro specific cost for express and regular mail/package. You have the options to choose what time of package you are sending from letter, pound, and small box to large.

For regular letter delivery, the offer minimum charge for first 100grams and additional charge on succeeding 100grams. They also have envelop rate for the first 500 grams if you have a bigger item to ship using their regular mode of delivery. JRS also has an option to add insurance and valuation on shipments, which will also incur as an additional charge.

The JRS Express rates / shipping fee / charges may change, so please check your nearest JRS Express branch for inquiry and other information you would like to know. Rates may also vary depending on your origin and types of item you are trying to ship.

JRS Express Rates for 2020

Type Metro Manila Luzon Visayas Mindanao
Letter (100g) ₱107.00 ₱120.00 ₱125.00 ₱130.00
1 Pounder (500g) ₱130.00 ₱145.00 ₱153.00 ₱160.00
Excess 1 kilo ₱195.00 ₱218.00 ₱230.00 ₱240.00
3 Pounder (1 1/2 kilos) ₱238.00 ₱266.00 ₱293.00 ₱306.00
5 Pounder (2 1/2 kilos) ₱273.00 ₱306.00 ₱333.00 ₱360.00
Excess (3 kilos) ₱410.00 ₱459.00 ₱500.00 ₱540.00
Gen/Regular Cargo (3 kilos) ₱182.00 ₱200.00 ₱206.00 ₱218.00
Excess (per kilo) ₱91.00 ₱100.00 ₱103.00 ₱109.00

We hope that you find the JRS Express Rates for this year 2020 helpful and useful.To know more detailed about pricing of your package or parcel, you can also use JRS Express Rate Calculator website for more information with specific origin and destination.

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