How to Apply for SSS Calamity Loan


The Philippines is at high risk from cyclones, earthquakes, floods, landslides and volcanic eruptions. When natural calamities, disaster or other unexpected emergencies strike, SSS can help you to start over because SSS offers calamity loan for its members.

How to Apply for SSS Calamity Loan

SSS members can apply for calamity loan anytime the service and program was announced and released as available. Calamity loans can be availed and applied when a relief-package has been issued to SSS while emergency loans are available for all qualified members. This service and program will allow you to recover through financial loan you can use to cover for your needs.

Keep in mind that the SSS Calamity Loans are special, meaning, this type of loan is not available for all members and is not available anytime, anywhere. Currently, SSS just release this type of loans for members affected by calamities only. The government release special budget for that. So if you want to apply for calamity loan, you can go to your SSS branch and avail it.

The requirements, guidelines and process in applying for SSS calamity loan are discussed in this article. The amount of cash you will receive can help you recover from the disaster and from your losses. This member’s benefit from the SSS will help you stand up again. We will also give you an idea how much you can earn once you get approved.

How to Apply for SSS Calamity Loan

Go to the nearest SSS Branch then apply for SSS Calamity loan. Prepare your requirements that are listed below before applying for calamity loan to avoid going back over again.Remember that they only approve a loan when members are included in the areas declared under the State of Calamity in a limited period. SSS calamity loan is valid only within three months after the SSS issues a circular on providing assistance to affected members.

SSS Calamity Loan Requirements

To begin with, the SSS Calamity Loan is only available for members who are from areas that are affected by calamities. A Calamity Loan usually includes the early and advance release of three-month pensions, salary loan early renewal, suspension of loan payments for 6 months, and interest rate reductions for new loans to Housing Loan programs for repairs and improvements.

As for the requirements, you will need the following:
  • Completed Calamity Loan Assistance Application Form
  • Barangay Certification
  • One primary ID (UMID, driver’s license, passport, PRC card, or Seaman’s Book) or two secondary IDs (PhilHealth ID, company ID, senior citizen ID, voter’s ID, TIN card, etc.)
  • Authorization letter (for OFWs only)
  • Printed scanned copies of the OFW’s valid IDs plus original valid IDs of the authorized representative

Make sure that you have these requirements before going to your local SSS office. When filling up your application form, make sure to check your details so you can avoid any errors.

SSS Calamity Loan Features

  • Loan amount: One monthly salary credit (MSC) up to PHP 16,000 or the total amount of damage, whichever is lower
  • Interest rate: 10% per annum
  • Repayment period: 24 months (Monthly amortization starts on the second month after the date of the loan.)
  • Others: Waived service fee

Who can apply for SSS Calamity loan?

  • A member who must have made at least twenty-four (24) monthly contributions;
  • A resident of the calamity area as covered by the Presidential Proclamation or as declared by the National Disaster who is currently employed;
  • A member who has not yet been granted a refund of contributions, retirement, or total permanent disability benefits;
  • And a member who is up-to-date in the payments of all membership loan obligations

Fill-up the application form correctly to have a hassle-free transaction and bring the original copies of the requirements needed.

Calamity loan also includes: Early and advance release of three-month pensions, salary loan early renewal, suspension of loan payments for 6 months, and interest rate reductions for new loans to Housing Loan programs for repairs and improvements.

That's all guys. We hope this article provide you enough information about How to Apply for SSS Calamity Loan for 2019. For more information about the calamity loan, you may contact SSS through their Call Center hotline (920-6446 to 55) or inquire at the nearest SSS branch.

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