Smart Pasadata: How to Share Gigasurf Data MB to Smart and TNT subscriber

Smart GigaSurf promos are packs with monstrous DATA for surfing, facebook, yôutubê, Iflix and more! The data so BIG that it’s good enough to share! Smart Pasadata lets you pass or share your GigaSurf data MB to other Smart and TNT subscriber.

Smart Pasadata is just like pasaload, but instead of sharing regular load to your friend or loved ones, you're sharing a portion of your data MB to Smart and TNT users. The PASADATA function lets you send data load with minimum of 50MB per transaction.

The  GIGASURF 50 which packs a monstrous 1GB data +300MB for yôutubê, Iflix and more! With GigaSurf 50 you can share your 1GB data using PASADATA. You can pass 50MB of its 1GB to your friends or family so you can stay both connected online! The shared data is an open access data, meaning you can access all sites and apps.

Enjoy internet surfing and using your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Spotify, TikTok, Youtube, Mobile Legends, ROS and more. You can share any amount greater than 50MB as long as you still have enough data MB in your active promo.

You can share your data MB to Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro Prepaid and TNT subscribers. Passed data can only be passed once, therefore, you can't pass back or pass your received data to other people. Sharing of Video Everyday allocation of free YouTube and other free data for streaming is not allowed since you can only share the open access data of your GigaSurf.

How to Share Gigasurf Data MB with Smart Pasadata 

Register to your preferred GigaSurf Promo (Giga Video Promo) by texting the keyword to 9999. After a successful registration to GIGASURF promo, you can now share data to your love ones or friends.

Just text PASADATA <space> 11 digit Smart or TNT number <space>amount in MB then send to 808.

Sample text format: PASADATA 0918123488 300MB to 808

Every Pasadata or share a data transaction is chargeable by P1 and data shared is valid only for 1 day. You cannot share below 50MB of data and free data for streaming is not shareable to others.

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For other questions and concerns about Smart PasaData, you can dial Smart customer service hotline number *888 for free using your phone with Smart prepaid sim, to ask for help.

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