How to Activate TM Roaming

We always want to stay in contact with our family or loved ones. Staying in touch with our families even outside the Philippines is a bit of a work and money before. But now that the telecommunication companies, such as TM, saw the need for the cost-effective roaming services for OFWs and their loved ones to always feel like they’re home.

TM Roaming is a service offered by Republika ng TM which allows its subscribers to still use the TM number even when abroad. A subscriber may still receive and send text messages as well as dial and answer calls.

It is a privilege that your TM number can still be active even outside the country. However, the TM Call and Texts even Mobile Internet Promos is not available when you are outside the Philippines and  given that your roaming service is currently active. Regular TM Roaming calls and texts rates shall be applied.

How to Activate TM Roaming

To activate the TM Roaming service, simply dial *143#. Then choose Roaming menu then select i-ON ang Roaming option. It is advisable to activate your roaming 24 hours prior to your departure to another country.

By the time you have turned-on your roaming service, it will still be on pending status while you are in the Philippines. Upon your arrival in the destination country, your roaming signal will automatically be activated.

On the other hand, if you have forgotten to activate your TM Roaming service before leaving the Philippines, you can still activate it abroad. You will automatically receive a text message from TM to activate your roaming. Just reply GROAM YES to the given number if you intend to activate it.

It is recommended to keep a ₱100 load balance to keep your roaming service active. If you need further assistance regarding the activation of your roaming service, you may call the TM Roaming Hotline +6327301212 using other TM number. There’s no charge calling the hotline.

How to Call or Text Using TM Roaming

  • To Call, simply dial <+> <country code> <area code> <landline/mobile number>. Example: +639161234897
  • To Text, simply send your message to <+> <country code> <area code> <mobile number>. Example: +639161237654

Regular TM Roaming Call & Text Rates

Services Asia and America Europe and Africa
Outgoing Call ₱120/minute ₱150/minute
Incoming Call ₱60/minute ₱75/minute
Outgoing Text ₱20/160 characters ₱25/160 characters
Incoming Text No Charge No Charge

That's all guys. We hope you find this guide on How to Activate TM Roaming service very useful an helpful. If you have any questions, you can contact TM or drop your thoughts on the comment section.

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