GOTSCOMBODD70: 1GB Data with Unlimited Texts for 7 Days

GOTSCOMBODD70 : 1GB Data with Unlimited Texts for 7 Days

GOTSCOMBODD70 is one of the few GoSAKTO promos that is perfect for moderate users. With these new GoSAKTO promos, you can have a huge chunk of data with texting and freebies at the same time. For only ₱70, you can enjoy mobile Internet surfing for an entire week and still be able to text all your friends and loved ones as much as you want.

GOTSCOMBODD70 offers 1GB Internet with Unlimited Texts to ALL Networks Valid for 1 week. Globe's promo GOTSCOMBODD70, now GOSAKTO70, allows subscribers to get connected to internet for a week with 1GB of mobile data, for only 70 pesos. Plus, unlimited texts to all networks from Globe and TM, to Smart, TNT and Sun are included in the promo. With Globe GOTSCOMBODD70 promo, you can make sure that you’re online 24/7.

How to Register for GOTSCOMBODD70

Just text GOTSCOMBODD70 or GOSAKTO70 to 8080.

Or you can also dial *143# and choose GoSAKTO > Discover Promos > Recommended Promos > GOTSCOMBODD70 > Subscribe.

Promo Details
  • 1GB mobile data + Free 1GB/day for GoWatch and Play (YouTube, Netflix, Mobile Legends, ROS, etc.) and GoShare and Shop (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Shopee and Zalora) + Free 1GB GoWiFi + Free GCash voucher
  • UNLIMITED texts to all networks
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Requires 70 PHP LOAD

The GOTSCOMBODD70 promo now gives you 1GB per day for Facebook, Instagram, and GoWatch and GoPlay apps. Apps included in GoWatch are YouTube, Netflix, iflix, HOOQ and iWant, while the games included in GoPlay are Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor and Rules of Survival.

The promo costs ₱70. Make sure that you have at least ₱1 extra load balance to enjoy the full benefits of the promo. You will receive a text message confirming your successful registration of the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo. The amount of ₱70 will be deducted from your prepaid load balance.

How to Stop GOTSCOMBODD70 and Check Status

To stop your promo subscription, text GOSAKTO STOP to 8080. Wait for the text message confirming your request.

How to check the status of your subscription

Just text GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080.

How to Extend GOTSCOMBODD70

GOTSCOMBODD70 is valid for 7 days, but you can extend it for up to 30 days!

Take note that this will only extend the duration of your regular mobile data, and not the 1GB/day data allocation for Facebook, Instagram and GoWatch and GoPlay apps. To enjoy the additional 1GB/day data allocation, just register again for GOTSCOMBODD70 before your subscription expires. Your unconsumed mobile data will be added to your new subscription.

To extend the promo for 15 days, text GOSURFBE34 to 8080. The promo extension costs ₱34.

To extend the promo for 30 days, text GOTSCOMBOGBF121 to 8080. This costs ₱121.

Wait for the text message confirming that you have extended your subscription. You can check the status of your subscription by texting GOSAKTO STATUS or DATA BAL to 8080.

Promo Addons

If you need additional mobile data, you can add 1GB to your subscription by texting GOTSCOMBOKEA37 to 8080. This addon costs ₱37.

You can also buy more data for your GoWatch apps (YouTube, Netflix, iWant, etc.). Simply text GOWATCH29 to 8080 to get an additional 2GB for 1 day. The addon costs ₱29.

That was the details and helpful information about the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo offered by Globe. If you have issues and concerns with this Globe prepaid promo, call the Globe customer service hotline 211.

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