How To Receive Your Western Union® Remittances Using PayMaya for 2021

PayMaya users can now receive their Western Union® remittance via PayMaya app. All it takes is to download the app and upgrade your account. It is now very convenient way to get your remittance using PayMaya mobile wallet, your smartphone is now your new “Western Union Agent”.

How To Receive Your Western Union® Remittances Using PayMaya

Unlike other partners of PayMaya, Western Union requires the usual MTCN provided by the money send to proceed with the transaction. Money will then be received in a few minutes! No need to go to the nearest Western Union® branch, as you can now receive the money straight to your PayMaya account in five easy steps:

How To Claim Your Western Union® Remittances Using PayMaya

1. Open your PayMaya app and then tap Add Money.

PayMaya Add Money

2. Select Western Union® from the list of Add Money Partners.

Western Union®  Money Partners.

3. Enter the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) from your contact’s Western Union® transaction. Your family or friend should receive one from the Western Union® representative during the over-the-counter MMT transaction.

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)

4. Tap the Receive on the Confirmation screen after verifying the correct transaction details (e.g. MTCN, Sender Name, Amount)

Receive Confirmation

5. Wait for the in-app and SMS confirmation of the successful receipt of your remittance.

receive money

Important Note: Only users with an upgraded PayMaya account can claim domestic and international remittances sent via Western Union®. Remittance may take 24 hours to be reflected in your PayMaya app due to validation procedures per mobile money transfer transaction.

Once the money is credited to your PayMaya account, you can immediately use it to pay bills, shop online, load mobile number and many more.

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