Maya Invite Code for 2022: QK6MJVZXLJ6Z

Maya Invite Code 2022

Maya also known as PayMaya is making things easier for everyone most especially during these times when everyone is forced to stay home due to pandemic. Go cashless and pay bills, order food, send money, and buy necessities during the “new normal” using just your Maya account.

Now, they make things even more interesting by rewarding users who refer friends to download the app. If you didn’t know, Maya has a referral system where you can earn ₱100 just by referring your friends to the app! Maya doesn’t limit you on how many you can refer so you can earn hundreds and even thousands.

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Maya Invite Code: QK6MJVZXLJ6Z
What is Maya
What is Maya Invite Code
How to Invite in Maya

Maya Invite Code: QK6MJVZXLJ6Z

Use my invite code in Maya and you will get a reward and earn ₱100 for free from Maya as a new user. The Maya invite code is “QK6MJVZXLJ6Z”. But first, you need to upgrade or verify your Maya account to get your sign-up bonus as a new user, and you will automatically earn 100 pesos bonus from Maya.

You can click the “Copy the Code” button below to easily copy the code and paste it to your Maya account.

Important Note: You need to upgrade or verify your account and complete your first transaction to earn your ₱100 rewards. Cash in and do your first transaction like buying a mobile load credit. This is their condition as of this month of August.

What is Maya?

Maya is mobile prepaid money and payments platform in the Philippines that will enable you to easily do money transactions such as sending/receiving money, bills payment, buy phone credits, buy cryptocurrencies, and many other amazing features and services. They even have a shopping marketplace inside the app that they just added recently.

PayMaya recently renamed its brand to a new name, making it easier to remember with just two syllables "Maya". Maya is the new name of PayMaya and with their new update, you can now use Maya to buy cryptocurrencies, save money, and they even offer Maya credit for up to ₱15,000 pesos.

Maya also have a prepaid virtual master card that you can easily get by just having at least a 100 pesos account balance. In recent days in the Philippines, eCommerce or buying stuff online is becoming more popular with a massive spike in growth for the past 5 years.

We need to have a prepaid card for us to easily shop or buy stuff online. But the problem is, not everyone in the Philippines is fortunate enough to have a bank account and get a prepaid card like Master of VISA, and Maya fixed that problem through their Paymaya virtual card. All you need is a valid ID o get your account verified and after that your good to go to have a cashless lifestyle.

Every Maya app user is qualified to join the program, you just have to verify your account, and referring friends option will automatically show up on your account.

What Is Maya Invite Code?

Maya invite code is a code that Maya will automatically make available on your account dashboard after your account gets verified. It means that you’re good to go and eligible to refer new users and get paid 100 pesos each of them as your referral bonus.

Invite code will be available after your account gets fully verified. Make sure that when you refer someone, don’t forget to give them instruction to first fill out the invite code before verifying the account so that both of you will be eligible for the Maya bonus.

How To Invite In Maya?

Just simply ask your friends to install the Maya app and give your Maya referral code after. You can also invite them on social media or share your referral link to Facabook, Twitter etc,.

That's all guys! If you have questions please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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