Best Affordable Home CCTV in the Philippines

CCTVs are one of the best devices you can have to ensure your home security, safety and help you to track any movements on your mobile device in real-time. To achieve that, securing CCTV cameras at your home could be a great solution.

Best Home CCTV in the Philippines

There are various affordable Home CCTV available in the market right now. The costs of Home CCTV and installation charges depend on various factors, including image resolution, area to be monitored, data storage options, the complexity of the networking, etc.

So, without further ado, We are bringing you a list of Home CCTV you can purchase online in the Philippines for a cheap price.

Top 5 Best Affordable Home CCTV in the Philippines

1. V380 Pro Home CCTV Mini camera

A mini home CCTV camera that has a 1080p high video quality. Built-in with a Microphone, a Night-Vision and alarm features, to ensure full security during the night. It also supports a WiFi connection and memory card storage where you can access or control the CCTV using an app. A very small type of CCTV but it’s very durable and a high-quality CCTV camera.

V380 Pro Home CCTV Mini camera

2. APPO Smart Surveillance Home CCTV Camera

An easy play and plug home CCTV camera that can be viewed remotely using your mobile phone. Appo Smart CCTV Camera has a built-in memory slot where you can insert an SD card up to 64GB, that can record up to 14 days of video surveillance. A 1080p video quality CCTV camera that has motion detection.

APPO Smart Surveillance Home CCTV Camera

3. MK Outdoor IP WiFi Home CCTV Camera

An outdoor CCTV camera that has Weather proof features. It can be connected thru a WiFi connection or connect directly using a LAN Ethernet connection. This CCTV can be operated using a mobile device with a Night Vision features and a Motion detection. It has a range of 355 degrees horizontal view angle and a 90 degrees vertical view angle with a 1080p high quality video.

MK Outdoor IP WiFi Home CCTV Camera

4. PTZ Smart Home CCTV Camera

An outdoor-type CCTV camera with a Bullet Style smart CCTV camera. This PTZ CCTV is very good in your backyard or for your front gates. This CCTV operates using a WiFi Connection and it has a memory card slot where you can store your video surveillance and can be review using your mobile device. This CCTV is meant to build for outdoor, so this CCTV can handle rain or shine.

PTZ Smart Home CCTV Camera

5. YI 1080p Smart Home CCTV Camera

This CCTV Camera is mostly used for babies because it has a special feature called “Baby Crying Detection”, and two-way audio where you can send voice messages directly using a mobile phone. This YI CCTV camera has a Night Vision where you can monitor your babies while asleep. Very small and very easy to use CCTV camera.

YI 1080p Smart Home CCTV Camera

There you have it! Those are some Home CCTV cameras that you can buy online. The price indicated in this article will could possibly change in the future.

We hope with these list we provide, will definitely secure your Home. After all “Safety first is safety always!” If you have questions and suggestions, you can share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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