How to create Polls on Facebook Messenger

Polls on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has announced that polls for Messenger are once again back within your chat streams. Facebook first launched polls in Messenger back in 2016, but they were removed recently as part of Facebook's 'Lightspeed' revamp of the Messenger app.

But now, Messenger polls have returned - and what's more, they come with a fresh new look, and improved response, and are built into the updated Messenger framework, so they're generally better overall.

What made Messenger so effective is group messaging, allowing a group of friends to communicate and interact with one another. And as a group, one of the things its members can do is create polls.

Polls allow members of a chat group to reach a consensus which they can do by voting. On this How to post, we’re going to learn how to do just that.

How to create Polls on Messenger:

  • On Facebook Messenger, go to one of your groups.
  • Tap on the plus sign (for iOS) or the four dots (on some Android devices) at the left of the typing space.
  • Choose Polls. For iOS its the third option on the right.
  • Enter your Question and fill up the options, then tap Create Poll to submit your topic to the group chat to complete.

Once posted, other members of the group can add more poll options if needed. All Messenger group threads, with more than two chat participants, are able to add Polls.

Apart from polls, Facebook Messenger also has features to enhance the messages you send. You can also add heart or love effects and send gift messages on Facebook Messenger. If you have questions and suggestions, you can share it with us by leaving a comment down below.

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