Top 5 Best Affordable Gaming Chair Under P5,000 in the Philippines

Gaming chairs help us to sit and play comfortably without experiencing back pain. So, if you a gamer who played 4-12 hours a day, you better have a gaming chair so you can enjoy your game for a long period of time.

Best Affordable Gaming Chair in the Philippines

Gaming chairs here in the Philippines are ranging around P3,000-P7,000 for budget price gaming chairs while it’s cost around P8,000 up to P20,000 for quality brand gaming chairs like Gamdias, Secret Lab, Raidmax and etc.

You can buy gaming chairs now on Lazada or Shopee website with a big discount and low shipping cost. But you can also check in your local stores if you like to transact it personally. Gaming chairs here in the Philippines are so cheap and durable.

Here are the lists of the best gaming chair that you can buy for under P5,000, based on positive reviews, feedbacks, and volume of customers bought these gaming chairs.

Best Gaming Chair Philippines Under P5,000 for 2021

1. WJF Leather Gaming Chair

This gaming chair is a multifunctional gaming chair where you can sit or lie down for a comfortable gaming experience. Installed with a carbon fiber leather thick cushion that is very soft when sitting on with soft pillow and removable armrest. This type of gaming chair is so simple and you can choose between six colors.

A unique gaming chair that has multiple purposes for your gaming experience. Very good quality and durable, that can stand up to 150kg of weight. This gaming chair can be adjusted up to 150 degrees for leaning during a game break. The GINZA Gaming Chair is one of the most bought gaming chairs online because it is very cheap but very high in quality.

3. MUSSO Poinner Series Gaming Chair

Branded type of gaming chair that is affordable but high in quality. The MUSSO Poinner Series Gaming Chair is loaded with a durable solid nylon base, sturdy metal frame and a padded soft sponge.It has durable PU leather, skin-friendly and stand up to 150kg of weight. The design of this gaming chair is so clean and good that looks very professional.

4. IKER Gaming Chair

Great product that has best reviews from satisfied customers, this gaming chair looks very good and very durable that suits your gaming taste. It’s easy to install with a basic manual guide included. Very cheap type of gaming chair but best for professional gamers and beginners.

5. BAIERDI Gaming Chair

This gaming chair looks cool and generous. Very cheap but very strong and durable, because it’s installed with a steel plate that can hold heavyweight. It also has soft pillows for your neck and back. The same as other gaming chairs, this type of chair can be adjusted and can be tilted up to 135 degrees, so you can lean well for your resting time.

That's all guys. That was Top 5 cheap Gaming Chair Under P5,000 in the Philippines for 2021. I hope this list will help you to select and can decide well for your best gaming chair that suits your personality. If you have questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below.

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