Top 7 Money Making Apps That Pay You Instantly in the Philippines

Money Making Apps That Pay You Instantly in the Philippines

There are more opportunities online to earn extra income than you might think. In this article, rest assured that you will find legitimate free apps that allow you to earn real money by doing simple tasks such as rrading news, completing surveys, watching videos, and more.

What’s great about these is that most of these apps offer two or more ways to earn, meaning, more opportunities to earn extra income.

Although doing tasks via an app may not get you rich quick, you could still possibly earn an extra Php2,000.00 to Php5,000.00 every month depending on your effort.

Top 7 Money Making Apps in the Philippines 2021

1. GCash

GCash is a virtual wallet by Globe Telecom which you can use to send and receive money, pay bills, buy load and more. You can earn with GCash

When your friend completes registration and claims their reward on the app. You could get Php50.00 to Php70.00 for each referred friend and could earn up to Php1,250.00 in a month.

You may download GCash from this link.

2. PayMaya

PayMaya is an e-wallet by Smart Communications. It is the same with GCash which you can use to shop online, buy load and pay bills.

You will earn with PayMaya still through a referral method. You will receive Php50.00 for every friend who signs up and enters your invite code.

To get you started, use the invite code – 4262ZXNY2K3P

3. BuzzBreak

BuzzBreak is a mobile app that shows interesting news and videos and pays you real money through GCash.

By reading news and watching videos, you will get points that will be automatically converted to the Philippine Peso amount which you can withdraw through GCash.

To withdraw in BuzzBreak, you just have to go to the "Wallet" section, click "Cash Out", select payment method, select the cash-out amount, then click the CASH OUT button.

Though it might take you time to be able to reach the desired amount of money, the good thing about BuzzBreak is that it is a legit money making app.

To get immediate rewards or points upon signing up, enter the referral code – B03647692

4. Cashzine

Cashzine is a lifestyle app that generates daily buzz to engage with friends. Entertainment gossip, life tricks, etc.

In order to benefit people who read seriously, the Cashzine system will give you in-app coins of varying amounts according to your reading quality. The more serious and in-depth you read, the more in-app coins you will get.

All the in-app coins you get, reach to a certain amount, can be withdrawn every day for cash through PayPal, GCash, Dana, and other e-wallets or personal accounts.

To get immediate rewards or points upon signing up, enter the referral code –3545634

5. ClipClaps

ClipClaps is an entertaining app that shows viral videos or funny video clips. You will receive rewards called Clapcoins every time you finished watching videos or videos at a certain time. Clapcoins can then be converted to US Dollars and cashed out through Paypal.

You will immediately receive a $1 reward when you enter the redeem code. You might also receive an additional $1-$10 from a raffle coupon.

To get immediate rewards or points upon signing up, enter the referral code – 8863180274

6. Diskartech

DiskarTech is a digital bank account with various financial inclusion services for us to be together in #BuhayGinhawa. Account opening is online only for 3.25% annual interest on savings. 

Free cash in, pay bills and send money. You can also buy loads, gaming pins, telemedicine and insurance products! There are also loan products for all Strategic Filipinos!

Powered by RCBC, the 2020 Best Digital Bank of the Philippines, DiskarTech is a basic deposit account that can be created using a mobile phone in just minutes and a valid government ID.

To get you started, use the invite code – ABMQ4099

7. Philippines Today

Earn rewards for completing tasks by inviting friends using invitation code and link, reading news, watch videos and playing games.

Rewards earned can be withdrawed easily through your Gcash, Bank and Paypal acount.

Philippines Today is a smart algorithm that features local news, application, videos and games in more useful and effective way.

To get immediate rewards or points upon signing up, enter the referral code – SU9H3B

That's it guys. That was the top best money making apps that can download right now. If you have questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below.

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