Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers under ₱3,000 in the Philippines

10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under PHP 3K

Everybody has a smartphone and that means that everybody carries their music with them wherever they go. Since you have the music, you also want to be able to listen to it wherever you are. While this often means bringing along a set of headphones, you don’t always need to keep the music to yourself, and often you’ll want to share it with more people, this is where a nice Bluetooth speaker comes in.

The best portable speaker is your perfect companion to take your music everywhere. It can liven up parties, make tasks more enjoyable, showers and baths more refreshing, hikes more fun, and so on. Also, with newly added and improved design and features such as waterproof, dust-proof, and many more, a portable speaker now has further places it can go.

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Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers
1. JBL Go 3
2. Anker Soundcore Motion Q
3. Sony SRS-XB12/ XB12 Extra Bass
4. Anker Soundcore 2
5. Awei Y668
6. Awei Y280
7. Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)
8. Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
9. Anker Soundcore Ace A0
10. YoobaoM1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Let us help you choose the best speaker you can use for blasting music at the bounds of your home or to your next adventure. And if you’re on a budget, we recommend these devices for just under PHP 3,000. Check our list below for the top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers under PHP 3K in the Philippines that you can purchase online

10 Best Budget Portable Speakers Under PHP 3K in the Philippines

1. JBL Go 3

The IP67-rated speakers are also waterproof and dustproof. It has an integrated loop for portability, Bluetooth 5.1, up to 5 hours of battery life, and a USB Type-C port for charging. It also features striking color combinations of Black, Blue, Blue and Pink, Red, Squad, Pink, as well as Green and White. The pocket-sized JBL Go 3 gives off an edgy look and expressive details inspired by the streets. This Bluetooth speaker might be small, but it really packs a punch. The JBL Go 3 is priced at PHP 2,399 and is available at Lazada.

JBL Go 3

2. Anker Soundcore Motion Q

The Soundcore Motion Q by Anker has two full-range drivers and dual passive radiators that produce 16W of 360 degrees of sound with IPX7 rated protection from water submersion. If you want to pump up the music, just pair with another Motion Q for a louder stereo sound. Thanks to its large battery, it can give you up to 10 hours of playtime. The Anker Soundcore Motion Q is priced at PHP 2,995 and is available at Lazada.

Anker Soundcore Motion Q

3. Sony SRS-XB12/ XB12 Extra Bass

Compact Bluetooth speakers usually lack bass due to their small size. But the Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass has one inside not just on its name! The bass works when the passive radiator and the monoaural speaker work together and enhances the low-end tones. To complete the package, it has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, up to 16 hours of playtime, and even comes with a detachable strap so you can hook it up anywhere. You can even add a second XB12 to enjoy a stereo sound experience. The Sony SRS-XB12/ XB12 Extra Bass is priced at PHP 2,999 and is available at Lazada.

Sony SRS-XB12/ XB12 Extra Bass

4. Anker Soundcore 2

The Anker Soundcore 2 prides the longest battery life with 24 hours. In addition to that, you only need to charge it for 3 hours. Alongside its incredible long hours of playtime, you will be entertained worry-free because of its rugged body and water-resistant feature. Take this with to the beach, pool, camp, shower, or wherever you please. This speaker is also functional because it has a built-in mic so you can take calls and even access Siri or Google Now. The AnkerSoundcore 2 is priced at PHP 2,990 and is available at Lazada.

Anker Soundcore 2

5. Awei Y668

Awei makes cheap yet feature-packed devices. The Awei Y668 packed with features like an AUX port, TF card/MicroSD card slot, and USB slot. Its 2200mAh battery provides up to 5 hours of playtime through its 10W dual full-range speaker unit with bass. The Awei Y668 is priced at PHP 2,900 and is available at Lazada.

Awei Y668

6. Awei Y280

Another one from Awei is the Y280. The Y280 functions as a Bluetooth speaker and a power bank. Its 4000mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of music playtime through its 360 degrees HD sound with deep bass. It also features a built-in microphone for phone calls, AUX port, TF card/MicroSD card slot, FM radio, and USB slot. All of those inside an IPX4 waterproof rugged body. The Awei Y280 is priced at PHP 2,250 and is available at Lazada.

Awei Y280

7. Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

Xiaomi boasts an array of Bluetooth speakers on their product lineup and one of them is the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W). It has a compact design and loop strip with an IPX7 waterproof body. Inside is a 2600mAh battery that can play your tunes for up to 13 hours through its 16W of output. It also has a built-in microphone that you can use for hands-free calling and you can even pair two of these to enjoy a surround sound experience. The Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W) is priced at PHP 1,699 and is available at Lazada.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W)

8. Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Another one from Xiaomi is the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker. It has a built-in 2600mAh battery that can be recharged over USB-C and it can play your favorite tunes for up to eight hours. The inside is equipped with 52mm drivers that deliver 360 degrees of sound and the outside casing is IP55 water-resistant that is perfect for outdoor activities. The Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is priced at PHP 1,599 and is available at Lazada.

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

9. Anker Soundcore Ace A0

Don't be so fast on belittling this speaker. You will be surprised by the volume of this speaker and its sound quality considering its tiny size! With 2W sound output, it makes it quite big and full-bodied with this compact little guy. This speaker is very convenient and easy to use with its all in one button, conveniently found at the bottom. The Anker Soundcore Ace A0 is priced at PHP 995 and is available at Lazada.

Anker Soundcore Ace A0

10. YoobaoM1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Although this speaker comes at a very low price, you won't be fooled by it! Reviews on Lazada state that this speaker deserves a high rating for its low cost and high quality which makes this product very recommendable. You can listen to your favorite songs with a superb sound for as long as 12 hours. Just be careful not to get it in contact with water because this speaker is not waterproof. TheYoobaoM1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is priced at PHP 535 and is available at Lazada.

YoobaoM1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With all the options available at the market, we know that choosing the best portable speaker can be quite daunting. Don't just go for the how the speaker looks like, make it a habit to check the specs - and this applies to whatever the product may be!

We hope that our guide was informative and helpful in narrowing down your choices. Most of these are on sale so better click on the links provided above to check them out. If you have any questions regarding this guide, simply drop a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out.

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