What is the Size of Long Bond Paper in Microsoft Word?

Size of Long Bond Paper in Microsoft Word?

One of the things that are very useful to any field now is the bond paper, a white writing paper that is often used in schools and offices. It may come in different sizes – a short bond paper or the long bond paper. It is often utilized in schools and offices by teachers, students and employees.

Workers usually use the software Microsoft Office Word or MS Word in printing on the bond papers. You might be asking, “What is the size of a long bond paper?” Luckily for you, we will answer your question and, at the same time, teach you how to choose the correct paper size in Microsoft Word. Some of you might want to use CENTIMETER instead of INCHES as a measuring unit for a Long Size Bond Paper.

What's the size of Long Bond Paper in cm (centimeter) if you're using Microsoft Word?

Whether you're using Microsoft Word or any word processing software, the size of Long Bond Paper in cm (centimeter) is 21.59 cm x 33.02 cm:
  • 21.59 cm is the width (equivalent to 8.5 inches)
  • 33.02 cm is the height (equivalent to 13 inches)
Long Bond Paper

You just simply convert inches into centimeter. You can use any measuring unit converter in the internet or in Google search itself. This particular size of bond paper is the standard long-size bond paper in the Philippines. But in America, the legal size bond paper is 8.5" x 14". So you must be careful in setting-up the size of the document.

How to customize the size of the document into a long-size (8.5" x 13") in Microsoft Word?

Open the Microsoft Word software. Go to Page Layout---> Size---> More Paper Sizes.

A pop-up window will appear which is the Page Set-up. Click Paper. In the Paper size, choose Custom size. Then set the width into 8.5" and height into 13". It's the standard size of long bond paper. After that you need to click OK button.

Long Bond Paper  in Microsoft Word

The Page Set-up is very useful for you to adjust the margin, resize the document, or change the layout. So before you print the document, make sure you set-up the document size (paper size) according to the size of the bond paper you're going to use.

That's it. You’ve just learned the exact size of the long bond paper in inches and centimeters. Want to know the short bond paper size and how to set it in Microsoft Word?, you can check out this article. If you have questions, simply drop a comment below.

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