5 Best Budget Karaoke Players in the Philippines of 2022

Best Home Karaoke Players in the Philippines

Filipinos are known for their sociable nature and they love to socialize with each other. Get-togethers often result in singing sessions where everyone can participate and make merry. There’s no need to worry about how well one can sing; all it takes is a few drinks, good company, and a karaoke machine!

A couple bottles of beer will relax even the most stubborn individual, so whether you're the singing type or not - it's never too late to come and sing! If you're trying to keep up with your family and friends, or looking for a way to bond with your partner then karaoke is where it's at.

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Best Budget Home Karaoke Players to Buy Online in the Philippines
1. Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus
2. The Platinum Karaoke Cello
3. WOW Fiesta Medley 2
4. TJ Media Maestro 2
5. HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player

Choosing a good karaoke machine has never been harder than it is today with all of the different options available. It can be hard to find one without many unwanted features and at an affordable price. If you're looking for something that offers many digital features and a thousand songs then there are plenty out there waiting for you!

Best Budget Karaoke Players to Buy Online in the Philippines

With an extensive variety of karaoke machine in the Philippines, which then is the best karaoke player in the Philippines? In this article, we curated the latest 5 Best Karaoke Players in the Philippines to help you choose a system that gives the best value for your money.

There are a lot of excellent home karaoke in the market. To make it easier for you to choose and decide what to buy, we've gathered the top 5 Best Karaoke Players that you can purchase online. Please take note that the prices indicated are the prices available as of the time of posting. Also take note that prices may vary depending on the Lazada website and their campaign period.

1. Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus

Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus is one of the most and advanced home karaokes today. It has many beautiful features that the costumers look for. It has a perfect pitch voice coach that gives real-time feedback, and it gives a 4-point scoring system that shows your key or rhythm, vibrato, upband, and down band score.

Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus

Its system is also combined with a GV smart app which lets the user download and update songs anytime, find songs using mobile phone easily, send fun messages to the output channel, and you can even set any picture from your phone as the background! It comes with dual professional wireless microphones and a built-in equalizer that can enhance the quality of the voice and acts as the remote control. It is also equipped with a dream sound module for a more realistic and detailed sound. The Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus is priced at ₱31,499 on Lazada.

2. The Platinum Karaoke Cello

This elegantly designed home karaoke offers two professional wireless microphones that can be used as the controller for easy input of song numbers or titles. It has an OPM and English song catalog with more than 17,000 songs and can be updated through the Platinum application or the Platinum Website.

Platinum Karaoke Cello allows you to use your mobile phone as a karaoke monitor, and USB can also be used for music and video playback. It has multiple background videos so that you can enjoy singing while looking at a fun background. It is portable and mobile - it can be used not only for indoor purposes but also for outdoors - even in your car! The Platinum Karaoke Cello is priced at ₱14,859 on Lazada.

3. WOW Fiesta Medley 2

This portable home karaoke has two professional wireless microphones that can be used up to 50 meters distance. It is car-friendly because of its compact design and IR jack for car installation. It also contains thousands of built-in OPM and English songs!

WOW Fiesta Medley 2

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Its highlight feature is that it is powered with Dream SAM 2695 sound module, which is a low-cost and low-power single-chip MIDI sound system. It is the reason why this home karaoke has a high-quality and state-of-the-art sound synthesis. The song catalog can be updated through your mobile phone or any windows device using the song leader app. It plays a full high definition international karaoke background, audio, and video playback through its USB interface. The WOW Fiesta Medley 2 is priced at ₱9,999 on Lazada.

4. TJ Media Maestro II

TJ Media's karaoke player offers more than 18,000 licensed English and OPM songs in its songbook. The songs can be updated monthly by downloading from the website or smart card technology, as it also has 32gb internal storage to store newly downloaded songs. This home karaoke allows you to have a superb recording, and you can even download your saved recordings by plugging in a USB thumb drive.

TJ Media Maestro II

For those who want precise scoring, this home karaoke is perfect for you as its score function can be adjusted via its setup menu. It has a professional sound setup, a four-band microphone equalizer, which allows you to control the echo. It also has multiple background videos that will add fun to your karaoke sessions. It can be used for business purposes as it has a sales count feature for pay-to-sing. The TJ Media Maestro II is priced at ₱7,499 on Lazada.

5. HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player

When talking about some of the best karaoke machines in the Philippines, we cannot ignore the HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player. It may look like an old-school player but provides reliable and good performance. This includes an intelligent scoring system, Dvd Play Function, and reserve song back-up in case of a power outage. It features real sound karaoke, superb recording function and HDT exclusive sound processor.

HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player

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You can also use USB playback and record any singing. The Hyundai HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player package includes HDT Microphone 8 meters wire cable length with feedback rejection feature, DVD karaoke latest disc, heavy duty song book, A/V Cable, User Manual, Remote Control and Batteries. The HDT P-98Pro (n) DVD Karaoke Player is priced at ₱7,400 on Lazada.


That wraps up our list of the top 5 Best Home Karaoke Players in the Philippines you can buy online. Most of these are on sale so better click on the links provided above to check them out. We hope that our guide on the 5 Best Karaoke Players in the Philippines will help you to buy the best karaoke machine in the Philippines. If you have any questions regarding this guide, simply drop a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out.

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