J&T Express Shipping Rates (Updated 2022)

J&T Express Shipping Rates (2021 Updated)

J&T Express is one of the biggest names in the courier services industry, along with LBC and JRS Express. It is known for being a fast and reliable courier with one of the lowest shipping rates among the biggest players in the industry.

J&T Express was founded in 2015 in Indonesia and is operating in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In the year 2019, J&T Express launched and started its operation in the Philippines, and based on their slogan “Express your Online Business”, they are dedicated to catering to small and medium company and online businesses.

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J&T Express Shipping Rates 2022
Package Shipping Rates from Metro Manila
Package Shipping Rates from Luzon
Package Shipping Rates from Visayas
Package Shipping Rates from Mindanao
Package Shipping Rates from Island Locations
Parcel Box Prices

And while it’s mainly targeted towards online businesses and e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee, J&T Express is also a reliable option for individual customers to send their packages all over the country.

In preparing your package for delivery through J&T Express, you need to be informed about the shipping rates that you will encounter when sending a package to a certain location. Here we show you the different J&T Express shipping rates when sending to Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Metro Manila, and island destinations.

J&T Express Shipping Rates 2022

Your shipping fee from J&T Express will depend on three factors, namely:
  • Origin of the parcel
  • Destination of the parcel
  • Weight/Volumetric measure of the parcel

Express shipping is available for parcels weighing up to 6 kilograms. For packages weighing more than 6 kilograms, you can inquire with your nearby J&T Express branch to learn more about its corresponding shipping fee. J&T Express can accommodate packages weighing up to 50 kilograms.

When using this shipping rate guide, make sure to look at the header and check whether you are looking at the correct rate table for your origin location.

Package Shipping Rates from Metro Manila

WeightMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanaoIsland
0g – 500g₱85.00₱95.00₱100.00₱105.00₱115.00
500g – 1kg₱115.00₱165.00₱180.00₱195.00₱205.00
1kg – 3kg₱155.00₱190.00₱200.00₱220.00₱230.00
3kg – 4kg₱225.00₱280.00₱300.00₱330.00₱340.00
4kg – 5kg₱305.00₱370.00₱400.00₱440.00₱450.00
5kg – 6g₱455.00₱465.00₱500.00₱550.00₱560.00

Package Shipping Rates from Luzon

WeightMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanaoIsland
0g – 500g₱95.00₱85.00₱100.00₱105.00₱115.00
500g – 1kg₱165.00₱155.00₱180.00₱195.00₱205.00
1kg – 3kg₱190.00₱180.00₱200.00₱220.00₱230.00
3kg – 4kg₱280.00₱270.00₱300.00₱330.00₱340.00
4kg – 5kg₱370.00₱360.00₱400.00₱440.00₱450.00
5kg – 6g₱465.00₱455.00₱500.00₱550.00₱560.00

Package Shipping Rates from Visayas

WeightMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanaoIsland
0g – 500g₱100.00₱100.00₱85.00₱105.00₱115.00
500g – 1kg₱180.00₱180.00₱155.00₱175.00₱185.00
1kg – 3kg₱200.00₱200.00₱180.00₱200.00₱210.00
3kg – 4kg₱300.00₱300.00₱270.00₱290.00₱300.00
4kg – 5kg₱400.00₱400.00₱360.00₱380.00₱390.00
5kg – 6g₱500.00₱500.00₱455.00₱475.00₱485.00

Package Shipping Rates from Mindanao

WeightMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanaoIsland
0g – 500g₱105.00₱105.00₱105.00₱85.00₱115.00
500g – 1kg₱195.00₱195.00₱175.00₱155.00₱205.00
1kg – 3kg₱215.00₱215.00₱195.00₱180.00₱230.00
3kg – 4kg₱325.00₱325.00₱285.00₱270.00₱340.00
4kg – 5kg₱435.00₱435.00₱375.00₱360.00₱450.00
5kg – 6g₱545.00₱545.00₱470.00₱455.00₱560.00

Package Shipping Rates from Island Locations

WeightMetro ManilaLuzonVisayasMindanaoIsland
0g – 500g₱115.00₱115.00₱115.00₱115.00₱115.00
500g – 1kg₱205.00₱205.00₱185.00₱205.00₱205.00
1kg – 3kg₱230.00₱230.00₱210.00₱230.00₱230.00
3kg – 4kg₱340.00₱340.00₱300.00₱340.00₱340.00
4kg – 5kg₱450.00₱450.00₱390.00₱450.00₱450.00
5kg – 6g₱560.00₱560.00₱485.00₱560.00₱560.00

Parcel Box Prices

When packaging your parcel, you can also avail of boxes from J&T Express to be paid separately from the shipping fee.
Box typeMeasurementWeightPrice
Extra Small30x24x15cm3kg – 4kg₱30.00
Small36x27x18cm4k – 5kg₱40.00
Medium46x30x23cm6kg – 9kg₱50.00
Large60x36x32cm10kg – 12kg₱80.00


J&T Express makes delivering your packages anywhere in the country quick, reliable and easy on the wallet. Whether you’re an online seller or just an individual customer, you can rely on J&T Express to meet your courier needs. If you have any questions regarding this guide, simply drop a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out.

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