Smart GigaPoints: Redeem Rewards via GigaLife App

Smart GigaPoints: Redeem Rewards via GigaLife App

Smart offers reward system to its subscribers by converting their earned points into mobile promos like call, text or regular load and many more. Smart GigaPoints is the new and improved rewards program by Smart Communications. Subscribers can conveniently earn GigaPoints for topping up, subscribing to promos, paying bills, and more.

Download the GigaLife App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone and link all your mobile numbers in one GigaLife account and access them quickly. The Smart GigaPoints enables subscribers to accumulate points through specified account transactions and use these to avail of exclusive deals and promos exclusively via the GigaLife App.

Table of Contents
How to earn GigaPoints?
GigaPoints Conversion
How to check current GigaPoints?
How to redeem rewards using GigaPoints?
Do GigaPoints expire?

This loyalty program is available to Smart Prepaid, TNT, Smart Bro, Signature, Smart Postpaid (Non-Signature), Smart Bro Postpaid, and PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi. To better understand the rewards system, this guide will show you how to use GigaPoints.

How to earn GigaPoints?

You can earn GigaPoints by topping up your account, registering promos, paying bills, and more. Prepaid subscribers require a minimum of PHP 99 spend on top-ups or promos to start earning points. Smart and TNT subscribers can also get 10 GigaPoints each for the first five linked accounts via the GigaLife App. GigaPoints doesn't require any enrollment process so that you can receive your GigaPoints for these transactions instantly.

GigaPoints Conversion

The following are the computation of earning points (conversion of regular load or promo to GigaPoints) for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

For Prepaid subscribers:
Reload your account anywhere and get 1% GigaPoints.
(Example: Load PHP 200 via the other loading channels, and you will earn 2 GigaPoints).
Reload your account via the GigaLife app and get extra 3% GigaPoints, or a total of 4% GigaPoints
(Example: Load PHP 200 via the GigaLife app will earn you 8 GigaPoints).
Register to a Giga promo anywhere and get 1% GigaPoints.
(Example: Buy GIGA VIDEO 299 via PayMaya, and you will earn 2.99 GigaPoints).
Register to a Giga promo on GigaLife and get extra 3% GigaPoints, or a total of 4% GigaPoints
(Example: Buy GIGA STORIES+ 149 via the GigaLife App will earn you 5.96 GigaPoints).

For Postpaid subscribers:
Paying bills on-time and in full on the GigaLife App will earn you 1% of the billed and paid amount
(Example: Pay P1,499 for your Signature Plan via the GigaLife App, and you will earn 14.99 GigaPoints).

  • One GigaPoint is equivalent to PHP 1.00. For example, you want to claim rewards using your 50 GigaPoints, you can subscribe to a Smart GIGA VIDEO 50 promo for free.
  • Sharing of Giga promo 99 and above will earn GigaPoints. The recipient of the Giga promo will earn the points.
  • You can earn up to 500 GigaPoints every month.
  • Smart's seasonal and surprise GigaPoints promotions will also help you earn more points.

How to check current GigaPoints?

You can easily check your GigaPoints through the GigaLife App. You can also see the status of your earned GigaPoints via *123# (USSD code) and SMS balance inquiry.

How to redeem rewards using GigaPoints?

Redeeming rewards is only available through the GigaLife App. Open the app and select the 'gift box' icon to proceed to Redeem Rewards section.

You can redeem Smart and TNT promos, including GIGA promos (GIGA Video, GIGA Stories, GIGA Games, and GIGA Pro), Data Boosters (for Signature subscribers), and more. Aside from redeeming data promos, subscribers will soon be able to use GigaPoints to redeem more items and gifts, such as exclusive perks and vouchers from Smart's partner lifestyle stores and services. You can also claim prizes and freebies from seasonal promotions.

Do GigaPoints expire?

GigaPoints earned are valid for one year upon crediting. But, if you continue earning GigaPoints, your accumulated GigaPoints will follow the latest GigaPoints' validity.

Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro, Signature, Regular Smart Postpaid, Smart Bro Postpaid, TNT, Sun Cellular (now Smart), and PLDT Prepaid WiFi are eligible to earn points. The more GigaPoints they will earn, the more rewards they can redeem. Subscribers can continue to enjoy MVP Rewards if they have other rewards accounts from different companies.

To see the latest Smart Promos, you can dial *123# for free. If you encounter problems with the GigaLife app, contact the Smart customer service hotline by dialing *888. If you have concern regarding on how to use Giga Points, simply drop a comment below and we’ll gladly help you out.

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