Globe Go120 Promo: 10GB Data All Sites + GoWiFi + Unli Texts + Unli Calls for 7 Days for Only 120 Pesos

Globe Go120

Along with the Globe Go50 and Go90, there is also another Globe Prepaid offer dubbed as the Globe Go120, which offers more data and comes with unlimited calls too. The Globe Go120 comes with 10GB of open access data and 2GB of GoWiFi access, which gives a total of 12GB data to consumers.

In addition, it also comes with unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers. All of these for only 120 pesos with 7 days of validity. To register, one must download the GlobeOne app on Google Play or Apple Play Store, then subscribe to the Globe Go promo in the application itself.

Globe Go120 Promo: 10GB Data All Sites + GoWiFi + Unli Texts + Unli Calls for 7 Days

GLOBE GO120 Promo Details

  • 10GB of open access data
  • 2GB of free GoWiFi access
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to Globe and TM
  • Total data: 9GB
  • Cost: 90 pesos
  • Validity: 7 days

How to Register Globe Go120 Promo?

You can register Globe Go120 via SMS, USSD code, GlobeOne app, and GCash. Check out the instructions below for each method.


To quickly register the Go120 promo through SMS keyword, just text GO120 to 8080 and wait for the successful SMS confirmation.

Via Globe USSD code

Globe USSD code lets you access its latest promos and services. To subscribe to GO120 via USSD, follow the steps below.

  • Dial *143# on your Globe phone
  • Choose Go
  • Choose Go120
  • Select Subscribe

After that, a popup will appear for subscription confirmation. Before using the promo, wait for the SMS regarding successful registration from 8080 to prevent unwanted data charges.

Via GlobeOne app

If it's your first time using the GlobeOne app, download the app on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or Huawei AppGallery. Sign up for an account by linking your Globe Prepaid mobile number. To subscribe GO120 promo, follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to your GlobeOne app.
  • Click the "Offers" menu, select the "Go Offers" tab.
  • Tap the "New Go Promos," find Go120 with 10GB data for all sites, Unli texts to all networks.
  • Click the "Get this" button to register.
  • Choose Payment Method: GCash or Prepaid Load
  • Tap the "Confirm & Next" button to proceed and finish the transaction.

Via GCash

Globe G120 promo is also available on GCash. Just download the GCash app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you have not done so yet, and register an account. Make sure you have enough GCash balance. You can cash in through available payment channels: Over-the-Counter, Online Banking, or Remittance. Below are the two methods to load Go120, including via GCash app and Globe USSD Code (GCash menu).

GCash app
  • Log in to the GCash app, go to Dashboard and select the Buy Load menu.
  • Input the 11-digit Globe Prepaid SIM number and tap NEXT.
  • Select the 'Go' tab and choose Go120.
  • Press the Pay button to complete the transaction.
  • You will expect an SMS to be sent to your inbox confirming your registration.

Globe USSD Code (GCash menu)
  • Dial *143# on your Globe phone
  • Select "GCash"
  • Select "Buy Load"
  • Select "Globe"
  • Select "Load Promo"
  • Select "Go"
  • Choose "Go120"
  • Enter the 11-digit mobile number of the recipient
  • Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN

Additional information on Globe GO120 promo usage

Maintaining balance is not required in using the data package. You can avail of any Globe Go Promos provided that you have enough load. You can also use Go120 with other Globe Promos such as GoSURF, GoSAKTO, GoUNLI, or GoALLNET simultaneously, except for SuperSURF. Globe Go120 Promo's open access data is stackable.

If you still have remaining data, register another Go promo to add up their data, and all will follow the longest validity. To check your remaining data and expiry date, open your GlobeOne app or text DATA BAL to 8080.

In comparison with Globe Go90, for just an additional of 30 pesos, consumers get 3GB more data, that's 2GB open access and 1GB GoWiFi. Moreover, subscribers also get unlimited calls to Globe and TM, which makes it great for those who frequently call on the Globe network.

Meanwhile, if you compare it to Globe GoSAKTO 120, which cost as much as the Go120, which is obviously 120 pesos, we can say it is all up to the users. This is because both of them have a total of 12GB of data, unlimited texts, and calls. The upper hand of Globe Go120 is that it has a 10GB of open access data as opposed to 3GB open access + 7GB for GoSHARE&SHOP plus GoWATCH&PLAY. On the other hand, GoSAKTO120's advantage is the free GCash voucher and free 1-hour data for a random app.

If you have any questions, issues and concerns with your Go120 promo or any Globe prepaid promo, call 211 for free to get immediate answers to your queries.

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