10 Best Budget Emergency Lights in the Philippines for Your Home/Family

10 Best Emergency Lights in the Philippines

Many people in the Philippines' most remote areas use emergency lights to provide illumination during power outages. If a major power outage occurs, emergency lights will automatically turn on to ensure that people can safely evacuate from buildings.

Exit lighting must be installed in buildings to provide effective lighting for escape routes and to prevent damage or death to building occupants in the event of an emergency. Emergency lights are required to have their own backup and rechargeable batteries, plus uncomplicated installation. To learn more about Emergency lights, continue reading the rest of this article, where we've compiled a list of recommendations and a buying guide for you.

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Top 10 Best Budget Emergency Lights to Buy Online 2022
1. Firefly LED Multi-Function Desk & Spot Lamp With AM/FM
2. Firefly Rechargeable Twinhead Emergency Lamp
3. OMNI Square Automatic Emergency Light with USB Charger
4. Akari LED Emergency Light
5. Lunarx Ceiling Mounted Emergency Light
6. Firefly Dimmable Lantern
7. Es Home LED Emergency Light Twin Head
8. Ecoshift LED Exit Light Double Face
9. Omni Rechargeable Emergency Light
10. Cata Moon Light Emergency Bulb

Emergency Light satisfies architectural requirements and is easy to install and maintain. Whether planning, installing, managing lighting our products always offer you smart, state-of-the art, user friendly, eco-designed and are entirely recyclable. Stay safe around your workplace by installing emergency lighting from trusted brand. See them below.

Top 10 Best Budget Emergency Lights to Buy Online 2022

The products we introduce below were carefully curated by the NoypiGeek team, from the best-sellers of E-commerce sites like Lazada, and using the points mentioned in our detailed and thoroughly researched buying guide. Please take note also that the prices indicated are the prices available as of the time of posting. Also take note that prices may vary depending on the Lazada website and their campaign period.

1. Firefly LED Multi-Function Desk & Spot Lamp With AM/FM

For remote areas with intermittent electricity, this rechargeable lamp is a must-have! Besides having a multi-angle light and a spot LED lamp, this has an AM and FM radio, which also makes it useful for staying in the know during power outages caused by calamities.

Firefly LED Multi-Function Desk & Spot Lamp With AM/FM

When the electricity goes out, the multi-rotating angle of this device can also serve as a source of light for your children who are working on their modules. Also, this unit is something you could bring along with you on any camping or outdoor activities with your friends or family. Additionally, it is powered by a replaceable sealed lead acid battery, which means you can replace it whenever it fails. A large number of users recommend this product because its features allow you to get the most out of your money.

2. Firefly Rechargeable Twinhead Emergency Lamp

Are you concerned about investing in a device that will break easily? Then give this twin-head emergency lamp from a well-recognized brand a try! Since this device has dual heads, you can easily maximize your light output during a power outage.

Firefly Rechargeable Twinhead Emergency Lamp

This is suitable for commercial use, but you can also have it in your home because of the features it boasts. Plus, hooks are included for easy hanging. Due to its 3.5" inch dome reflector, you can have a more even distribution of light across a larger area. The 0.1 second response time of this device makes it extremely reliable in times of power outage, too. However, remember that the unit should always be connected to an AC power source and it should be turned on to provide automatic lighting.

3. OMNI Square Automatic Emergency Light with USB Charger

Don't like the bulky type of devices? This square-box lighting from Omni is just right for you! This brand is known for supplying reasonably priced lighting supplies to every household in the Philippines. This unit can provide 34 hours of light at a low brightness setting and 15 hours at a high setting.

OMNI Square Automatic Emergency Light with USB Charger

If you need one well-suited for households with kids, this one has a simple design without any visible wiring and controls, which keeps curious kids away from the temptation of playing with the unit. Another plus of this light is that you can charge it using a USB charger. It also comes with hooks, making it easier to hang in a high location.

4. Akari LED Emergency Light

From another reliable brand for home appliances, Akari offers an emergency light that you can count on for a long time. With this, you won't have to worry about overcharging the unit and creating a safety hazard, as it has overcharge and over-discharge protection. There's no more dealing with the inconvenience of moving around in complete darkness, especially at night, as this light provides 800 lumens. This is enough to light up various indoor areas and small outdoor spaces.

Akari LED Emergency Light

In addition, it has flexible angular heads, so you can adjust them depending on where you wish to cast the illumination. It also remains handy, which makes it easy to carry. Should you need to, you can quickly move it from one area to another.

5. Lunarx Ceiling Mounted Emergency Light

Known for supplying lighting products to high-end establishments, LUNARX LED now also offers emergency lights for offices and warehouses. This device is different from others we've listed above because it can be either recessed or surface mounted. As a result, you can save a significant amount of space with this.

Lunarx 2 Watts Ceiling Mounted Emergency Light

This unit includes an automatic switch-on feature that allows it to voluntarily provide illumination as soon as the power goes out. It will not significantly impact your electric bill, too, as it only consumes 2 watts of power. However, this product requires installation, so you'll have to notify your contractor in advance.

Another one from Firefly, this dimmable lantern is a really nice device to have for any household. Aside from its sleek design, this lantern is slim in comparison to other emergency lights, allowing it to take up less space at home.

Firefly Dimmable Lantern

It is equipped with a switch and a light indicator to let you know whether the device is charging properly. It is also a small yet reliable source of lighting, as it can provide you with 10 hours of light on the lowest power setting. Moreover, it has wall mounting holes and a built-in hanger that can simplify installation. You can also choose to use it as a free-standing device because of its removable surface mount holder. Users recommend this product primarily because of the adequate brightness, even on low power settings.

7. Es Home LED Emergency Light Twin Head

Are you on the lookout for a device that will illuminate your space while on a budget? Then look no further than this emergency light from Es Home! Because of its compact twin-head design, it is ideal for use in places with low ceilings.

Es Home LED Emergency Light Twin Head

Apart from exit doors, this type of emergency light can be installed in hallways or intersecting corridors. Another advantage of this product is its adjustable glare-free round-shaped light heads that can be set to warm white or daylight! Furthermore, when there is a power outage, this battery-powered device automatically turns on. However, keep in mind that because it only has an IP40 rating, it is not protected from water or condensation, making it only suitable for indoor use.

8. Ecoshift LED Exit Light Double Face

Ecoshift, which has been in the business of manufacturing lighting products since 2011, sells an illuminated exit sign that is ideal for indoor commercial buildings. For any commercial or residential establishment to be in compliance with regulations and fire safety codes, exit lights are essential.

Ecoshift LED Exit Light Double Face

This double-face sign is extremely dependable in cases of emergency because it is visible to people walking from both directions. To ensure visibility in dark corridors, stairways, and hallways, this device makes use of extra-bright LED lights. It is made of aluminum housing and an acrylic panel for added durability. Plus, its battery is protected from overcharging and over-discharge. However, keep in mind that this product has a 90-minute burn time and that the brightness may lessen after that time has passed.

9. Omni Rechargeable Emergency Light

If you're looking for a handy and portable emergency light that you can take anywhere with you, then this just might be the one for you! This emergency light by Omni comes with a compact design and a large-spaced handle that gives you a secure grip on it, allowing you to transport it easily. You can use it as a tabletop emergency light, or you can also choose to hang it. Additionally, it is useful to have in your car in case of sudden roadside repairs. If you are concerned about its size affecting its power, there is no need to worry too, as it can light up for up to 8 hours in a low-power setting.

Omni Rechargeable Emergency Light

It has adjustable brightness that can let you choose between low and high power illumination that simply slide the switch on its side! On top of that, this light also requires a shorter charging time of 10 hours compared to other emergency lights.

10. Cata Moon Light Emergency Bulb

Because of this light's IP44 rating, you can use it outdoors, given that the weather is normal since it is not waterproof. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a higher energy density, greater voltage capacity, and a lower self-discharge rate than other rechargeable batteries.

Cata Moon Light Emergency Bulb

Since it comes with a hook, it is also very simple to hang should you need it for camping. This can provide you with 3-5 hours of light, but it can function as a normal light bulb at the same time. It is available in 5 to 12 wattages in case you need a brighter source of light for different purposes.


Disasters are rarely predictable, so it is wise to be prepared. A good emergency light can provide safety and reduce the fear of being trapped in an unexpected situation. We hope our recommendations and buying guide have helped you in your buying dilemma. Always stay safe and dry.

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