The 10 Best Hand Mixers in the Philippines (You Should Consider Buying)

Best Hand Mixers in the Philippines

Making homemade goodies has been a trend lately because of all the quarantines happening. A hand mixer can make things go much smoother when trying to bake something nice. Don't waste time with unreliable mixers, though - opt for one that'll take care of everything!

There are a lot of mixers out there that you could choose from. You have everything ranging from small and portable hand mixers to large, heavy duty ones suited for commercial or industrial use. For those looking for the best mixer in the Philippines, just check out this list below! The product will depend on your lifestyle preferences, need requirements and budget; but rest assured all these products offer high quality performance and reliability.

Top 10 Best Hand Mixers to Buy Online in the Philippines

We know how excited you are for your next baking project. Here are some good products you might want to check out to help you decide on your purchase. Please take note also that the prices indicated are the prices available as of the time of posting. Also take note that prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period.

1. Gorenje Hand Mixer with Stand M450BS

This product from Gorenje is a hybrid of a stand mixer and a hand mixer. It is built with rubber feet for stability, comfort, safety, and hand-free mixing. Convenient enough that it allows you to multi-task in the kitchen. Its control panel located on the top is equipped with an on-off switch with speed selection, turbo button, and pulse option.

Gorenje Hand Mixer with Stand

It is solidly built and is equipped with 450 watts, which give you the consistency you want. The attachments can quickly be detached with its eject button. The beaters are stainless steel and dishwasher safe!

2. Philips Hand & Stand Mixer HR1559

The Philips hand and stand mixer with its 5-speed setting give the best control in mixing, allowing shorter whipping and mixing time. It boasts the stainless conic shaped beater and dough hook with matching two-liter bowl to achieve that fluffy and smooth batter. It is built with suction feet to ensure stable mixing.

Philips Hand & Stand Mixer HR1559

Reviews say it is easy to use, and it efficiently mixes yet makes soft mixing sound. What makes it more stand from its counterparts is that it is way more affordable for a hand and stand mixer combo. It comes in classy minimalist star white/vapor dusk color.

3. Philips Hand Mixer HR1459

This hand mixer from Philips with 300 watts powerful motor does well in kneading, mixing, and whisking but makes low mixing sound. Reviewers like its 5-speed manual speed setting and one separate button for boosting speed that delivers perfect dough and desserts in minutes.

Philips Hand Mixer HR1459

Make sure not to overuse its power as it can result in a burnt plastic smell that comes when the mixer is used at high speed. But, the stainless steel beater and dough hook perform well. It comes with a cord storage clip for tidy and easy storage. It is commended by its efficiency and time-saving features.

4. Kenwood Hand Mixer HM 530

The 280-watts lightweight hand mixer from Kenwood promises comfort and reliability around the kitchen. Although limited with only 3-speed settings, it comes to an additional pulse function that does well with mixing batter for cakes and cupcakes. It is fast and powerful!

Kenwood Hand Mixer HM 530

The only thing is that you need to get used to the speed buttons as you can’t move gradually from one to the other. But, this fantastic hand mixer allows countertop rest making you do more in the kitchen. What reviewers liked about this product is that dough always turns beautifully dense with just the right amount of air bubbles. No lumps and no splashes!

5. Bear Hand Mixer DQ - B02L1

Here is a hand mixer that offers up to 10-speed options perfect for whipping jams, gravy, egg white, and other desserts. Its quick and stable motor can also handle 1.28-kilogram dough kneading. What you will like about this mixer is it comes with a storage base holder letting you rest your hands and reach for other ingredients when you need to multi-task.

Bear Hand Mixer DQ - B02L1

It allows for easy and space-saving storage. One thing though, you may need an extension cord as it has a short power cord that limits your movement. Its is sleek and classy!

6. Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer

The Oster 2532 Hand Mixer has a powerful 250-watt motor that comes with a burst of power button perfect for your every baking needs. These features allow smooth adjustment of the speed to match your ideal consistencies of dough, batter, and icing.

Oster 6-Speed Hand Mixer

However, reviewers have noted that it is a little heavy, but its six-speed setting allows a steady transition from the slow speed to fast. The ergonomic handle gives you control and balance with the mixing and kneading. It includes stainless steel blade beaters that add to its modern and elegant touch.

7. Imarflex Portable Hand Mixer

Start making that chiffon cake with this hand mixer from Imarflex. This 5-speed setting mixer comes with a pair of dough hooks and a pair of beaters that allows you to whisk and blend dry and wet ingredients at a controlled speed.

Imarflex Portable Hand Mixer

What reviewers like about this product is its powerful motor that does well in kneading dough, but may need you to be extra careful in mixing small portions. It is also easy and comfortable to use. It gives ease of cleaning as it can be detached quickly with the eject button.

8. Sonifer High-Powered Electric Food Mixer

Whether you are an expert or rookie baker, the Sonifer’s High-Powered Electric Food Mixer will suit you. Its 500 watts power and five-speed setting can mix, whip, knead, blend, and fold ingredients smoothly. This model allows you to multi-task so you can do more in the kitchen. It is easy to store too!

Sonifer High-Powered Electric Food Mixer

With is a stand holder, it reduces arm and wrist fatigue you feel when mixing. It comes in an alloy body that makes it look classy and at a friendly price. So go ahead and pursue that baking passion!

9. Kyowa Hand Mixer KW-4404

Here is another affordable yet dependable hand mixer from Kyowa that is suitable for less weighty mixing tasks like cake batter and whisking eggs. It has a comfortable grip that allows you to conveniently work on any baking or cooking needs.

Kyowa Hand Mixer KW-4404

On the flip side, some reviewers mentioned the plastic smell when overused. However, it has five distinct speed settings that allow you to shift speed depending on your mixing needs. So, start making treats for your family now!

10. Kyowa Hand Mixer KW-4400

Here is an affordable yet quality hand mixer by Kyowa that runs at 200 watts and has 5-speed settings. This mixer is ideal for easy mixing needs at home for simple and quick desserts like fluffy pancakes, meringue, and dalgona coffee.

Kyowa Hand Mixer KW-4400

It comes with two dough hooks that can support kneading needs for that simple morning treat like salt bread! It is a mixer that would fit right for beginners who just recently discovered their passion for baking and cooking.


A hand mixer will improve your time management in the kitchen. It also enhances creativity! Our buying guide can hopefully help you pick out the best one for you.

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