10 Best Dumbbells in the Philippines For A Superb Home Workout

Best Dumbbells in the Philippines

Because of the increase in COVID-19 cases, many places within the country have reinstated anti-COVID restrictions. This means that we have to find ways to adapt our lifestyles. Working out at home with dumbbells is one way to exercise without having to worry about where you are going or who you will be sharing your space with.

Dumbbells are a piece of versatile equipment for improving strength. Exercises that take advantage of the dumbbell's simplicity can produce good results when performed with proper form. To help you choose the right one, we will go over what you need to consider when shopping online. We've also provided a list of our favorite dumbbells for your viewing pleasure, check out our list below!

In this article, we will share a list of the top dumbbells that are good for working out at home. Take a look and see which one works best for you. Please note that prices may vary depending on the website and their campaign period.

1. Ramp-s Fitness 24KG Adjustable Dumbbell

Having a complete set of dumbbells is a big investment. For those wanting to save but still want to get the results they dream of, going for an adjustable dumbbell such as this one is heaven-sent. The system lets you adjust each dumbbell so that you can switch from one exercise to the next.

Ramp-s Fitness 24KG Adjustable Dumbbell

It has an actuated knob on one side, indicative of the weight that you will be setting as you turn it. It is simple and easy to turn, letting you change weights on the fly without any hitch. It is also made in powder-coated iron, ensuring that its surface is soft to protect your floor from any scuffs. It comes with a dumbbell tray as well, giving it a perfect platform for you to store it. The handle is powder-coated also while using alloy material, making it durable and grippy with its minimal knurling. It's a pair of dumbbells that will fit any workout you'll need.

2. Block Type B Adjustable Dumbbells 27-in-1 Set

The body is an ever-increasing system of muscles that need progressive yet varied stimulations in order for it to grow. Your workouts need to be constantly evolving in order to stimulate growth and become stronger. This adjustable dumbbell is fit for that job.

Block Type B Adjustable Dumbbells

It is constructed in a block-type format. It doesn't look like a regular dumbbell, but the wealth of possible exercise that you can do is staggering due to the design. There are 3 handles present in this equipment, all powder coated for better grip and corrosion resistance. The three handles give you different ways of holding it, like a normal dumbbell or a kettlebell for more explosive workouts. Not only do you build strength but also fast-reacting muscles that are functional as well.

3. Ensayo Vinyl Rubber Dumbbells

If you plan on adding this to your home gym collection, vinyl coatings make this dumbbell floor and furniture-friendly. Not only that, it is of 10 kg weight, which is more than most studio plated dumbbells that are available.

Ensayo Vinyl Rubber Dumbbells

The star-hex pattern gives it a stable base to rest on. No worries here on seeing dumbbells rolling around your floor. The only downside with this is the weight, which may be a bit too light for some looking for a bit more challenge. Other than that, this dumbbell will be rust-free while keeping your workout area scuff-free.

4. Full Body Workout Dumbbell

One of the most iconic dumbbells available in local gyms, this dumbbell plate set offers versatility while being hardy and reliable. The handle is made of metal with deep knurlings that will stick to your hand like glue. The grip gives you confidence as this can take up to 70 lbs of weight.

Full Body Workout Dumbbell

The locking mechanism is made of metal and has hinges that you can use to turn it. It is secure, all the more when weight is pushing against the nut. The plates are cast iron, hard and heavy but prone to breakage and rust. Just remember not to drop this after doing a heavy set of workouts.

5. York Fitness Dumbbell With Longbar 18-pc Set

The York Fitness Chrome Dumbbell consists of metal plates amounting to 20 kg or 44 lbs. The iron is coated in chrome that makes the metal last longer, even with the presence of sweat. The interchangeable weights give the athlete multiple weight workout options. You can use the different weights to target different muscle groups that require different weight requirements - a holistic approach in working out.

York Fitness Dumbbell With Longbar

The handle is kitted out with a plastic handle with a rubber coating and slight knurling for maximum grip during workouts. It features a locking mechanism, holding your plates securely in place. It is also easy to turn due to the presence of handles at the nut, providing leverage when changing plates in between workouts.

6. Socoo 20KG Dumbbell and Barbell Set 18-pc Set

Dumbbells can only do so much. There are times where you'll need the benefits of a barbell to maximize your workout regimen fully. Why not get both? This equipment by Socoo uses interlocking metal bars that you can use to transform your dumbbell into a full-fledged barbell for your needs.

Socoo 20KG Dumbbell and Barbell

The plate set is powder-coated to provide a soft feel to the touch. It consists of weights amounting to 20 kg, more than enough to squeeze out some sweat in you. It also features a handle lined with foam, providing grip and comfort as you perform your sets.

7. Core Rubber Hex Dumbbell

The hex shape is good for keeping your dumbbells near you as you work out. It keeps them close, ready to take on another set with heavier weights to keep your muscles in constant tension for longer. The handle in this one is of lighter knurling but is enough to give you assurance in your grip.

Core Rubber Hex Dumbbell

It is made from rubber, no worries about dropping this on the floor if the going gets tough. The material also lessens the sound it makes, a critical consideration if you workout at home with people around. It only caters to 15-35 lbs of weight, perfect for people looking to go into weight training.

8. PlayHard Full Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

There is something mysterious and alluring about the color black. It exudes power and quiet confidence that is befitting of someone who lets his actions do the talking. PlayHard brings you this all-black hex dumbbell for people who want to keep it stealthy.

PlayHard Full Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells

The handle features a metal material with deep knurling that is sure to stick to your hands during workouts. It also coated in black rubber, providing additional resistance to your hands. The hex shape makes it stable while laid out on the floor. It also gives you a variety of workouts that need stability while on the floor. The weight options here are plenty, ranging from 5lbs all the way to 100lbs. Beginners to veteran weight lifters are sure to get find a weight that fits their capability.

9. Gympro Round Rubber Dumbbell

This dumbbell feels premium with its polyurethane weights. The material is able to last a long while without damaging the surfaces it hits. It is also longer-wearing with proper care and storage. The handle features slightly deep knurling. This helps with the grip, making it easier for you to be confident with each and every rep that you perform in an exercise. It is also of high-quality metal, coated with chrome to avoid any rust building up on the surface.

Gympro Round Rubber Dumbbell

The sides feature well-executed labeling. It is clear and easily readable, a blessing if you want to work out efficiently. The label is emblazoned with a teal color that accentuates the kilogram weight for each dumbbell. This is available in a variety of weights- from 2 to 18 kg.

10. Athletico 4LBS Fitness Dumbbell

Plated studio dumbbells offer a challenge to those who are up to the task. In order to build functional strength, they are used to provide resistance to make your already mastered movements much harder. At 4 lbs, this dumbbell is just the perfect weight to give you resistance while making it enjoyable at the same time.

Athletico 4LBS Fitness Dumbbell

The plating consists of a vinyl material that is soft to the touch and won't do damage to any surface if dropped. It is also colored brightly, a good mood booster when you are struggling through your workout class. The coating makes it grippy - a confident feel that can help you improve your physical and mental acuity.


Dumbbells are versatile, cost-effective, and space-saving resistance training tools. They come in a range of weights that are suitable for all fitness levels; therefore, one can choose the ideal weight for their goals. Taking responsibility for your fitness and educating yourself on proper exercise techniques will benefit you in the long run. With dumbbells' versatility, you can burn fat and build muscle at home—without fancy or expensive equipment. Dumbbells will truly enrich your fitness journey.

We hope that our guide on the 10 Best Dumbbells in the Philippines has helped you in your quest to maintain good form in your exercise routine. Please share this with your family and friends if you found it useful.

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