TNT Panalo Data 30 Promo: 500MB data for all sites and apps + 400MB Facebook for 2 Days

TNT Panalo Data 30 Promo : 500MB data for all sites and apps + 400MB Facebook for 2 Days

Talk 'N Text is offering an economical way for you to stay connected with their new Panalo Data 30 or the TNT PDATA30 promo. It is a very affordable promo that lets you stay connected to the internet and to the most popular social networking site Facebook.

TNT Panalo Data 30 prepaid promo lets you have 900MB worth of mobile data for a price of only Php30. It consists of 500MB worth of open-access network data which lets you use different social networking apps, surf the web via an internet browser, stream videos and music as well as download files such as videos and photos in your phone.

While a total of 400MB data is allotted for free Facebook access which is 200MB per day. Maximize the usage of Facebook using FB lite which consumes less data, which lets you enjoy more hours of Facebook browsing and video streaming.

How to Register Panalo Data 30 or PDATA30 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo by simply texting the keyword.

Just text PDATA30 send to 4545.

TNT Panalo Data 30 Promo Details:
  • 500MB data for all sites and apps
  • Plus FB and FB Messenger access (up to 200MB per day)
  • Requires 30 PHP LOAD
  • Valid for 2 days

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How to Share Data using TNT PDATA30

1.First off, register to TNT Panalo Data 30 by texting PDATA30 to 4545.

2.To share your data, just text PASADATA<space>11-digit TNT number of your friend<space><amount in MB>MB. Then send it to 808. Example: PASADATA 09123456789 100MB. Send to 808.

3.TNT shall send you a confirmation message that you have successfully shared your data including the amount you have sent. In the example, your friend should receive 100MB data from you.

* PasaData function is available to TNT, Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid subscribers.
* Minimum data MB share amount is 15MB.
* Valid for 24 hours regardless of the amount.
* Note that there shall be a ₱1 transaction fee for every pasa data.

To know more about latest TNT Promos, just dial *123# and choose among the Data Promos, Combo Offers, Call and Text Promos, dialling TNT USSD Code is free of charge.

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