TNT PDATA60 Panalo Data 60: 1GB Data + Unli All Net Texts for 5 Days

TNT PDATA60 Panalo Data 60 : 1GB Data + Unli All Net Texts for 5 Days

Talk 'N Text always offer affordable promos to their loyal subscribers. TNT Panalo Data 60 or the TNT PDATA60 Promo is a new data and text package from Talk 'N Text which offers 1GB mobile data and unlimited all net texts for 5 days, for only 60 Pesos.

TNT PDATA60 is indeed a budget-friendly promo but has longer validity. With 1GB of data allocation for 5 days, subscribers can now enjoy different internet activities longer while you subscribed to this package. You can also enjoy unlimited texts to all networks up to 5 days using this offer. All of that mentioned services will only cost you 60 pesos and valid up to 5 days.

With 1GB of data allocation, you can browse your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, watch videos on YouTube and download files or just do regular browsing. You can also play top online games like Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, ROS, AoV and more.

This promo will also satisfy your communication needs with its unlimited texts to all networks, may it be Smart, Sun, Globe or TM. TNT PDATA60 promo really suits subscribers who are on a tight budget. The best thing is that this is just for the price of ₱60 that is valid for 5 days! That’s like spending ₱12 per day.

How to Register Talk N Text Panalo Data 60 Promo

You can easily subscribe to this promo on your own by texting the keyword to 4545.

Just text PDATA60 send to 4545

TNT PDATA60 Promo Details:
  • 1GB consumable data
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Valid for 5 days
  • Requires 60 PHP LOAD

To Subscribe TNT PDATA60 via Load Retailer

Text PDATA60<space>11-digit TNT mobile number to 4540

You can also subscribe to this promo via USSD code menu.
  • Dial *123#.
  • Select Other Offers
  • Select option for Panalo Data 60
  • Select Subscribe to register

Make sure you receive a SMS notification regarding successful registration before doing any actions like browsing or texting to avoid unwanted charges.

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How To Pasadata Panalo Data 60

Once you have successfully registered, and you want to share data to a friend, just text PASADATA<space>11-digit TNT number of your friend<space><amount in MB>MB. Then send it to 808. Example: PASADATA 09121080243 200MB. Send to 808.

To know more about latest TNT Promos, just dial *123# and choose among the Data Promos, Combo Offers, Call and Text Promos, dialing TNT USSD Code is free of charge.

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