0991 - What Mobile Network is it?

0991 - What Mobile Network number

We frequently come across the question “Is your mobile number Globe, Smart or DITO?” most especially when we meet new acquaintances or get the contacts of someone we have known previously. The mobile number prefixes in the Philippines grew a lot from before, which has placed us in a lot of confusion whether what service provider the mobile number is under.

Globe Telecom and Smart Communications are both considered the top mobile networks here in the Philippines. Under Smart Communication are their subsidiary Sun Cellular and Talk N’ Text, and under Globe Telecom is Republika ng TM. ABS-CBN Network now also has its subsidiary, which is ABS-CBN Mobile. They operate using Globe network infrastructure. Extelcom, Cherry Mobile, DITO are considered less popular mobile service providers in the Philippines.

What network is 0991 mobile number?

One of the new mobile network number that may call or text you may start with 0961, you can now save it on your phonebook or contacts and label it with the network where it belong. This is one of the latest number series assigned to DITO Telecommunity.

The 0991 or 63991 is a prefix number of DITO SIM card users in the Philippines. To call using this number, you can directly dial it on your phone dialer. No prefix needed if you're on unlimited call promo. For text, you can simply save this number in your contact list then browse it every time you send an SMS.

If you want to see other numbers of DITO Telecommunity, click here. Dito requires VoLTE capable/compatible phone to make voice calls and LTE connection while using their mobile network.

You can buy Dito SIM Card via online at Lazada or Shopee for only 199 pesos with free 25GB of data upon activation of the SIM card plus unlimited DITO-DITO calls and texts for 30 days. You can also enjoy 300 minutes of calls to all networks and unli-texts to all networks. Just make sure your area or location is already serviceable by DITO and your phone is compatible with their network.

How to activate VoLTE using your Android phone

1. Tap Settings.
2. Tap Network & Internet.
3. Tap Call.
4. Tap to enable VoLTE / HD Voice/ Enhanced calling.
Note: Steps may vary by model and manufacturer.

Advantages of VoLTE

  • High-Definition voice call quality​
  • Enables the use of data and voice at the same time​
  • It saves the mobile phone’s battery life​
  • Faster voice connection time​

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