List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines (Updated 2021)

There are many mobile number prefixes across Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, Touch Mobile, Talk ‘N’ Text, Cherry Prepaid and DITO, so it’s easy to forget which network a prefix belongs to. There are a few simple solutions that will answer all your questions about what networks your contact use.

List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines

It is important to know the list of mobile number prefixes in Philippines in order to identify what mobile network you are trying to reach. When you are registered to a promo, you must know the network provider of your contact to know if it is covered by your promo or not. That way, you can avoid extra charges for inter-network connections.

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List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines
  SMART Mobile Number Prefixes
  GLOBE Mobile Number Prefixes
  DITO Mobile Numbers
  SUN CELLULAR Mobile Number Prefixes

Mobile number prefix or Network prefix is the first four numbers (like 0918-1234567) found in the unique 11-digit number from the different Philippine Telecommunication Networks including Globe, TM (Touch Mobile), Smart, TNT (Talk N' Text), Sun Cellular, Cherry Prepaid and DITO Telecommunity.

A mobile number in the Philippines is composed of 11 digits and the first 4 digits (example: 0918) is what we call as the “mobile number prefix” which determines the mobile network either Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, etc. Each mobile network has its own network codes or prefixes.

As of the moment, there are two dominant mobile networks in the Philippines, Smart Communications and Globe Telecom. Talk N’ Text and Sun Cellular are subsidiaries of Smart Communications, while Republika ng TM is under Globe Telecom.

Given that there are over seventy (70) mobile prefixes in the Philippines, it’s hard to figure out which prefixes belongs to what network. Unless you have a strong memory, it’s difficult to memorize all these mobile number prefixes and their corresponding mobile networks. It was easier about 10-15 years ago when mobile numbers in usage were far fewer. Nowadays, there are several mobile service providers and more coming up with the impending entry of a third player.

The common question that I often encounter, and probably you have, too. “Is your number Globe or Smart?” That is why we’ve come up with this handy guide to mobile number prefixes in the Philippines, which you can refer to if you want to know if a particular number belongs to Globe or Smart.

Below is the complete list and guide of all mobile number prefixes in the Philippines. It's grouped into SMART/TNT, GLOBE/TM and SUN Cellular and DITO respectively.

List of Mobile Network Prefixes in the Philippines 2021

Network PrefixMobile Network
0813 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0817 networkGlobe or TM
0904 networkGlobe or TM
0905 networkGlobe or TM
0906 networkGlobe or TM
0907 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0908 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0909 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0910 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0911 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0912 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0913 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0914 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0915 networkGlobe or TM
0916 networkGlobe or TM
0917 networkGlobe or TM
0918 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0919 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0920 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0921 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0922 networkSun Cellular
0923 networkSun Cellular
0924 networkSun Cellular
0925 networkSun Cellular
0926 networkGlobe or TM
0927 networkGlobe or TM
0928 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0929 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0930 networkSmart or Talk N’ Text
0931 networkSun Cellular
0932 networkSun Cellular
0933 networkSun Cellular
0934 networkSun Cellular
0935 networkGlobe or TM
0936 networkGlobe or TM
0937 networkGlobe
0938 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0939 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0940 networkSun Cellular
0941 networkSun Cellular
0942 networkSun Cellular
0943 networkSun Cellular
0944 networkSun Cellular
0945 networkGlobe or TM
0946 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0947 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0948 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0949 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0950 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0951 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0953 networkGlobe or TM
0954 networkGlobe or TM
0955 networkGlobe or TM
0956 networkGlobe or TM
0961 networkSmart or TNT
0963 networkSmart or TNT
0965 networkGlobe or TM
0966 networkGlobe or TM
0967 networkGlobe or TM
0968 networkSmart
0970 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0973 networkSun Cellular
0974 networkSun Cellular
0975 networkGlobe or TM
0976 networkGlobe or TM
0977 networkGlobe or TM
0978 networkGlobe or TM
0979 networkGlobe or TM
0981 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0989 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0992 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0994 networkGlobe or TM
0995 networkGlobe or TM
0996 networkGlobe or TM
0997 networkGlobe or TM
0998 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text
0999 networkSmart or Talk ‘N Text

SMART Mobile Number Prefixes 

Smart Communications, Inc. is currently the most popular mobile network operator in the Philippines. As of the year 2017, Smart has about 58.3 million subscribers on its GSM network! As you have known, Talk ‘N Text is a subsidiary of Smart so it’s completely fine if you call or text TNT using your Smart number and vice versa, unless otherwise stated on the promo you availed. Here’s the list of Smart mobile number prefixes:
  • 0813 network
  • 0907 network
  • 0908 network
  • 0909 network
  • 0910 network
  • 0911 network
  • 0912 network
  • 0913 network
  • 0914 network
  • 0918 network
  • 0919 network
  • 0920 network
  • 0921 network
  • 0928 network
  • 0929 network
  • 0930 network
  • 0938 network
  • 0939 network
  • 0940 network
  • 0946 network
  • 0947 network
  • 0948 network
  • 0949 network
  • 0950 network
  • 0951 network
  • 0970 network
  • 0981 network
  • 0989 network
  • 0992 network
  • 0998 network
  • 0999 network

GLOBE Mobile Number Prefixes

Globe Telecom is one of the biggest network operator in the Philippines. It has about 62.8 million subscribers. Since, Republika ng TM is a subsidiary of Globe, contacting a TM number using a Globe number is completely fine and vice versa, unless otherwise stated on the promo description you availed. The following is the list of Globe mobile number prefixes:
  • 0817 network
  • 0905 network
  • 0906 network
  • 0915 network
  • 0916 network
  • 0917 network
  • 0926 network
  • 0927 network
  • 0935 network
  • 0936 network
  • 0937 network
  • 0945 network
  • 0955 network
  • 0956 network
  • 0965 network
  • 0966 network
  • 0967 network
  • 0975 network
  • 0977 network
  • 0994 network
  • 0995 network
  • 0996 network
  • 0997 network

DITO Mobile Numbers

DITO Telecommunity, dubbed as the 3rd telco player in the Philippines, just entered the telecom service market earlier this year. It’s a quite hot topic rolling around for months now. They are slowly covering different areas in the country. Here are the DITO mobile numbers:
  • 0991 network
  • 0992 network
  • 0993 network
  • 0994 network
  • 0895 network
  • 0896 network
  • 0897 network
  • 0898 network

SUN CELLULAR Mobile Number Prefixes

Sun Cellular is actually owned by Smart Communications but operates separately. This company is the one who first introduced the unlimited calls and texts services that we are enjoying now. Below is the complete list of Sun Cellular mobile number prefixes in the Philippines:
  • 0922 network
  • 0923 network
  • 0924 network
  • 0925 network
  • 0931 network
  • 0932 network
  • 0933 network
  • 0934 network
  • 0941 network
  • 0942 network
  • 0943 network
  • 0944 network

That was the complete list of mobile network prefixes in the Philippines this year 2021. If you have questions regarding this guide, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

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