0939 What Network? Is it Smart Communications Mobile Number Prefix?

0939 - What network is it?

What network provider is 0939? Is 0939 Smart or Globe number? If you received or asked this questions a lots of times, we got you covered. The mobile network of 0939 or +63939 belongs to Smart Communications.

This article will guide you to know the details about what network is 0939 in the Philippines. We will define as well the importance of knowing the mobile prefix as well as the essence of knowing network of a mobile number, and also what is all about the 0939 prefix mobile number.

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What network is 0939?
What are Mobile Prefixes?
What is the importance of knowing your mobile prefix?
How to call a Smart mobile number?

What network is 0939?

The 0939 prefix is registered under Smart Communications network in the Philippines. Smart communications established in a year 1991 in Manila. They innovate for their successful service providers and by their innovations they create another network or service providers which the Talk N Text (TNT) and PLDT and they are running successfully up until now. You can check out other Smart mobile number prefix here.

What are Mobile Prefixes?

Mobile prefixes refer to the first four digits of any 11-digit mobile number in the Philippines. For instance, your number is 09391234567, the mobile prefix is 0939. We use the prefix as reference to determine its mobile network provider.

You may encounter mobile numbers that start with the country code prefix +63939. From the 11-digit mobile number format, just replace the first digit 0 with the country code +63. Thus, the number 09391234567 becomes +639391234567 instead. This primarily applies to international calls.

Why is it important to know mobile network prefixes?

Smart, TNT, DITO, Globe, TM and Sun are among the popular network providers. Basically, it would be better to know if the number you will be calling or texting or sending a load to is from tie-up networks.

It is important indeed to know mobile network prefixes to determine the service network you use for, as well as to avoid paying for an extra charge on your mobile consumption it’s either texting or calling someone else by determining their mobile prefix.

How to call a Smart mobile number?

If you’re calling within Philippines just dial the 11 digit number starting with 0939. Make sure you have enough load balance on your account to initiate a call or register to any Smart unlimited call promo offers. If you're calling outside the country or abroad, use the dialing format +63 plus 10-digit mobile number excluding ‘0’.


0939 what mobile network is it? To conclude, the 0939 mobile prefix belongs to Smart Communications. Want to access all mobile prefixes and their corresponding mobile networks in one article? Here is the complete list of Philippines Mobile Network Prefixes.

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