Sun Cellular Mobile Network Prefixes

Sun Cellular Prefixes

A Sun prefix number is the first four digits of the 11-digit phone number issued by Sun Cellular. In other words, these numbers are used by Sun Cellular to easily identify if a phone number belongs to Sun Cellular or not.

Sun Cellular is actually owned by Smart Communications but operates separately. This company is the one who first introduced the unlimited calls and texts services that we are enjoying now.

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Sun Cellular Mobile Number/Prefixes
How to choose a Sun Cellular prefix?
How to recognize a Sun Cellular phone number?

Sun Cellular Mobile Number/Prefixes

0922 0923 0924 0925 0931 0932 0933 0934 0940 0941 0942 0943 0944 0973 0974

Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc., doing business as Sun Cellular, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Telecommunications Philippines (Digitel), which in turn is owned by PLDT and is one of the Philippines’ largest mobile telecommunications companies. It was established by Digitel in September 2001 to provide wireless public and private telecommunications services. Sun Cellular is known for introducing unlimited call and text services in the Philippines.

How to choose a Sun Cellular prefix?

Choosing a Sun Cellular prefix number can be done upon buying a Sun Cellular powered SIM card. Just ask the sales clerk to let you check the SIM card’s phone number. You can find it at the back portion of the SIM card. Then, look at the first four digits of the number and pick the one that suits you.

Some of the commonly chosen Sun Cellular prefixes are 0922 and 0925.

How to recognize a Sun Cellular phone number?

A phone number can be easily identified if it belongs to Sun Cellular or not. Just follow the below steps. (Let’s consider 09227654321, as an example.)

  • Extract the first four digits of the phone number above – in this case it’s 0922.
  • Then check if it is on the list of numbers provided above.
  • If you found it, the mobile network of that phone number is Sun Cellular.
  • The owner of that phone number can then be called a Sun Cellular subscriber.

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