Updated List of Talk ‘N Text Rewards (TNT Treats) for 2021

TNT Rewards commonly referred to as TNT Treats, is a loyalty program of Talk ‘N Text which grants treats or rewards to its loyal subscribers. Talk 'N Text (TNT) offers reward system to its subscribers by converting their earned points into Mobile Promos like call, text or regular load, and  even Lifestyle offers wherein you can exchange points to Jollibee products.

List of Talk ‘N Text Rewards (TNT Treats) 2019

Talk N Text treats their subscribers with rewards points every time you reload your prepaid account. A TNT Subscriber is entitled a one (1) Loyalty Point for every ₱25.00 load. Accumulated points can then be used to redeem rewards. To be eligible to earn points, a subscriber must be registered on the program.

You can redeem it to get exciting mobile, lifestyle and deals of your choice as long as you have enough points. The information below contains the complete list of the TNT Rewards for 2019 which includes keywords, descriptions, validity and points required.

In this article, we also include helpful guide on how to register to TNT treats, earning and sharing points and redeeming TNT rewards.

Updated List of TNT Rewards (TNT Treats) 2021

TNT Rewards (Mobile) - Regular Load, Call, Text and Apps

Keyword/Code Reward Description Required Points
R1 1 Peso regular load valid for 3 days 1
R5 5 Pesos regular load valid for 3 days 5
R10 10 Pesos regular load valid for 3 days 10
R15 15 Pesos regular load valid for 15 days 15
R20 20 Pesos regular load valid for 15 days 20
R30 30 Pesos regular load valid for 15 days 30
R50 50 Pesos regular load valid for 15 days 50
R60 60 Pesos regular load valid for 30 days 60
R100 100 Pesos regular load valid for 30 days 100
KT20 50 all-net SMS & int'l SMS to 22 countries valid for 1 day 20
FLEXI30 6 IDD mins/ISMS to US, Canada, HK, China, Guam, South Korea, Malaysia, Hawaii, Macau, Brunei & SG valid for 3 days 30
FLEXI50 5 IDD mins/ISMS to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Japan, Australia, UK, Italy and Taiwan valid for 7 days 50
IFLIX30 30-Day Access to iFlix 30

TNT Rewards (Lifestyle) - Partner Merchants Deals and Rewards

Keyword/Code Reward Description Required Points
JTWIRL 1 Vanilla Cone Twirl 21
JYUM 1 Jollibee Yum Burger 49
JSPAG 1 Jolly Spaghetti 79
JSPYUM 1 Jolly Spaghetti with Yum Value Meal 123
JCHX 1-pc. Chickenjoy Meal 125
JCHXSP 1-pc. Chickenjoy w/ Jolly Spaghetti Meal 170

How to Register to TNT Treats

Before you can redeem any of the TNT rewards listed, you need to register first by simply texting TREATS<space>First Name/Middle Initial/Last Name to 9800. Registration has no charge.
Example: TREATS Sterb/S/Tankian to 9800.

How to Redeem Treats or Rewards

To redeem rewards, just simply text REDEEM<space>KEYWORD to 9800.
Example REDEEM R20 to 9800.

Here's a sample SMS notification of a successful redemption of TNT R20 - 20 Pesos Regular Load:“Congratulations, Ka-tropa! Maaari mo nang gamitin ang TNT P20 load mo na valid for 15 days. Magpatuloy lang sa pagload para makuha ng mas maraming Treats.”

How to Check Points Balance

In order to know your remaining or earned points, just simply text POINTS to 9800.

How to Share Points

To share points, just text PASAPOINTS<space>Recipient Mobile Number<space>Number of Points to 9800. 
Example: PASAPOINTS 09181234567 20 to 9800.

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You can opt out the TNT Treats notifications by texting OFF to 9800 and enable it again by sending the keyword ON to 9800. For more updated redeemable rewards, just visit treats.tntph.com or text ITEMS to 9800.

That was the updated list of TNT Treats or Rewards for 2021. If you have concern regarding this List of TNT Rewards 2021, you can leave your comment below.

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