List of TM Rewards for 2022: Redeem and Share TM Points

Updated List of TM Rewards: Call, Text, Surf and Partner Stores

TM Rewards is a loyalty program of TM to grant rewards to its subscribers. Touch Mobile offers reward system to its loyal subscribers by converting their accumulated earned points into promos like call, text, surf, additional points to its Partner Stores and many more.

The good thing about TM Rewards system is that you do not need to register or enroll to become eligible for this program. All you need to do is use a TM SIM card when you register for a call, text and surf promos. Every reload gives you corresponding points that you can use to redeem rewards.

Table of Contents
Updated List of TM Rewards 2022
How to Check Accumulated Reward Points
How to Redeem Rewards
How to Share Points
How to Show List of Items and Rewards
How To Stop TM Rewards
How To Register TM Rewards Again
TM Rewards Points Conversion

All Touch Mobile loyal prepaid subscribers can now enjoy the TM rewards loyalty program where you can earn points every time you reload your account. Accumulated points can be used to redeem TM Astig Rewards in the form of call, text and surf promo. However, TM reserves the right to deny, suspend or terminate membership in the program in certain cases.

You can exchange your earned points to a promo that you wish to avail. Choose from options like combo call and text, app access (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger etc.), online games and mobile surfing. Just make sure you have enough points before you proceed to redeem process. 

The table below contains the complete list of the TM Rewards for 2022 which includes item codes that you can redeem using your points earned every time you reload your TM sim. In this article, we include general guides from registering at the loyalty system, earning and sharing points to redeeming rewards.

Updated List of TM Rewards 2022

Reward Code or Item CodeDescriptionValidityRequired Points
TMTAWAG55 minutes TM Calls1 day1
TMC52 minutes calls to TM/Globe + 10 texts1 day1
FB1DUnlimited Facebook Access1 day1
TWITTER1D1 day Unlimited Twitter Access1 day1
TMC105 minutes calls + 25 texts1 day2
GOSURF1040MB data1 day2
TMCOMBO1010 minutes calls + texts to all networks1 day2
TMTAWAG1012 minutes calls1 day2
INSTAG1DInstagram Access1 day2
REWCOMBO220 minutes calls to Globe/TM + 20 texts to Globe/TM1 day2
SURF100MB100MB data1 day2
CA10Unlimited texts and calls to TM/Globe + 50 texts to all networks1 day3
COMBO15Unlimited TM texts + 50 texts to all networks + 10 minutes calls to Globe or TM2 days3
TMTAWAG1520 minutes calls to TM/Globe1 day3
GOSURF15100MB data + 30MB for Instagram2 days3
TMCOMBO153 minutes calls + 60 texts1 day3
REWCALL100MB data + unlimited calls to TM or Globe1 day4
REWTXT100MB data + unlimited texts to TM or Globe1 day4
TMTAWAG2030 minutes calls1 day4
SURF250MB200MB data1 day4
POGO10100MB Pokemon Go access1 day5
CA20Unlimited texts and calls to TM/Globe + 50 texts to all networks3 days5
TMCOMBO30120 texts + 10 minutes calls1 day6
GOSURF30300MB data + 50MB for selected app2 days6
REWCOMBO10300MB data + Unlimited texts to all networks + Unlimited calls to Globe/TM2 days6
SURF500MB500MB data1 day6
SNAP1D100MB Snapchat access1 day7
WECHAT1D100MB WeChat access1 day7
POGO15100MB Pokemon Go access2 days7
TWITTER7DTwitter access7 days10
FBMES7DFB Messenger7 days10
INSTAG7DInstagram access7 days10
TMCOMBO5025 minutes calls + 200 texts1 day10
SURF1GB1GB data1 day10
TWITTER15DTwitter access15 days20
FBMES15DFacebook Messenger chat15 days20
INSTAG15DInstagram access15 days20
POGO991GB Pokemon Go30 days25
SNAP7D600MB Snapchat7 days30

How to Check Accumulated Reward Points

To check your current TM points balance, just simply text BAL to 4438.

How to Redeem Rewards

To redeem TM Rewards, simply text REDEEM <space> ITEMCODE to 4438.


How to Share Points

To share your earned points to a friend or loved ones, just text SHARE <space> 10-Digit Receiver Number <space> Number of Points and send to 4438. P1 per transaction will be charged to the sender. You can share up to five (5) times in a day.

Example: SHARE 9161234567 10

How to Show List of Items and Rewards

To display most redeemed rewards, simply text ITEMS to 4438.

How To Stop TM Rewards

Just text STOP to 4438. P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free.

How To Register TM Rewards Again

Just text YES to 4438. P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free.

TM Rewards Points Conversion

The computation of earning rewards points is equivalent to 2% of the reload amount.

Example: Php 50 load = 1 point

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That was the complete list of TM Rewards for 2022. For more updated redeemable items, just visit TM official website or dial *143# and navigate Rewards.If you have concern regarding this List of TM Rewards, you can leave your comment below.

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