List of Globe Rewards 2023: Redeem Exclusive Promos and Vouchers with Your Points!

List of Globe Rewards for 2019

Globe Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications companies in the Philippines, provides its subscribers with a comprehensive rewards system known as MyRewards MyGlobe. This program enables users to convert their accumulated points into various enticing offers such as Promos for calls, texts, and data, bill rebates, gift certificates, special discounts, exclusive treats, and much more. The availability of these rewards allows Globe subscribers to enjoy additional benefits and maximize their mobile experience.

To make the redemption process more accessible, Globe offers multiple convenient methods. Subscribers can easily redeem their rewards through the GlobeOne app, which is available for download on Google Play for Android users, the Apple App Store for iOS users, or AppGallery for Huawei devices without Google Mobile Services. Alternatively, users can utilize the Globe/TM USSD Code by simply dialing *143#, selecting Rewards, choosing Redeem Rewards, and exploring the available Telco Products. These user-friendly options enable Globe subscribers to effortlessly access and enjoy their well-deserved rewards.

List of Globe Rewareds for 2023
GlobeOne app Rewards
Promo Rewards
Rewards Points as Cash
Voucher Rewards
Travel Rewards
Health Rewards
Donation Rewards

For 2023, Globe Telecom has compiled an extensive list of Globe Rewards, consisting of various promos and digital vouchers exclusively designed for Globe Prepaid subscribers. These rewards can be redeemed using the points earned every time a subscriber reloads their Globe SIM card. By continuously engaging with the Globe network and taking advantage of their offerings, subscribers can accumulate points and enjoy an array of exciting rewards that enhance their overall telecommunications experience.

Globe Rewards for 2023

Below is the updated selection of items available for redemption using your Globe Reward points. To redeem a specific item, please refer to the sample text format provided and send it to 4438. The redeemable promos include GOUNLI, GOSURF, UNLI20, GCOMBO, Medicash, SMAC, and SULTXT.

GlobeOne App Rewards

To redeem, simply access your GlobeOne app and navigate to the Rewards points section. From there, choose among the available options such as Promos, Donations, and others. Additionally, you can send rewards as a gift by enabling the "Send this as a gift?" toggle, entering the recipient's mobile number, and then tapping on the Redeem button. Kindly keep in mind that rewards are subject to change without prior notice, so it's advisable to regularly check the GlobeOne app or dial *143# for the latest updates.

RewardsDescriptionNo. Points
REWUNLICALLUnlimited calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day2
REWCALLUnli calls to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWTXTUnli all-net texts to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWCOMBO220 minutes calls and 20 texts to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day2
REWCOMBO4Unli allnet texts and unli calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day4
REWCOMBO10100MB data and Unli call to Globe/TM, all-net texts for 1 day6
SURF100MB100MB surfing for 1 day2
SURF250MB250MB surfing for 1 day4
SURF500MB500MB surfing for 1 day6
SURF1GB1GB surfing for 1 day10
UNLI5G-1Unli 5G data, valid for 3 hours10
UNLI5G-2Unli 5G data, valid for 12 hours20
UNLI5G-3Unli 5G data, valid for 1 day30
GC510 texts and 2 minutes calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day1
GCALL55 minutes call to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day1
GCALL15Calls to Globe/TM for 20 minutes, valid for 1 day3
GSURF55MB data valid for 1 day1
GOSURF10Access to FB, unli texts to all networks and 40MB mobile data, valid for 1 day2
GOSURF15100MB data and 30MB for TikTok app, valid for 2 days3
GOSURF30300MB data and 50MB for app of choice, valid for 2 days6
GOSURF502GB data, 1GB/day for choice of apps, and unli all-net texts, valid for 3 days10
GOSURF2992GB data plus free 10GB data for app of choice, valid for 30 days60
GOUNLI20Unli calls and texts to all networks and 50MB data, valid for 1 day4
GOUNLI25Unli all-net text, unli calls and texts to Globe/TM, and access to Viber, valid for 1 day5
GOUNLI30Unli texts and calls to all networks, and 100MB data, valid for 2 days8
GOUNLI50Unli allnet calls and texts, and 500MB mobile data, valid for 3 days10
GOUNLI951GB mobile data, and unli allnet calls and texts, valid for 7 days19
COMBO1010 mins of calls to Globe/TM, unli texts to Globe/TM and 50 texts to all networks, valid for 1 day2
UNLI20Unli texts to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day4
GOSAKTO10TEXT50 texts to all networks, valid for 1 day2
GOSAKTO10CALL10 minutes of calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day2
GOSAKTO1750 texts + unlimited calls to Globe/TM, valid for 1 day4

To stop your rewards promo subscription, just text STOP to 4438. P1 minimum balance required to send this message for free. 

Promo Rewards

To redeem, just via *143# select the option for Rewards the Redeem Rewards and choose Telco Products.

RewardsDescriptionNo. Points
REWUNLICALL_GPUnli call to Globe/TM for 1 day2
REWCOMBO4_GPUnli call to Globe/TM, unli all net texts for 1 day4
SURF1GB_GP1GB surfing for 1 day10
REWCALL_GPUnli calls to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWTXT_GPUnli all-net texts to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWCOMBO10_GPUnli call to Globe/TM, all-net texts for 1 day)6
SURF100MB_GP100MB surfing for 1 day2
SURF250MB_GP250MB surfing for 1 day4
SURF500MB_GP500MB surfing for 1 day6
Unlimited Facebook access valid for 1 hourGet 1-hour unli access to Facebook5
Unlimited Kumu access valid for 1 hourGet 1-hour unli access to Kumu5
Unlimited Viu access valid for 1 hourGet 1-hour unli access to Viu5
Unlimited Twitch access valid for 1 hourGet 1-hour unli access to Genshin Impact5
Unlimited Twitch access valid for 1 hourUnli Twitch access valid for 1 hour5
Unlimited Mobile Legends Bang Bang access valid for 1 hourUnli Mobile Legends (ML) access valid for 1 hour5
Unlimited TikTok access valid for 1 hourGet 1-hour unli access to TikTok5

Below are the rewards that you can redeem via Text, just type REDEEM (space) ITEM CODE then send to 4438 (ex: REDEEM GOSURF50).

ITEM CODEDescriptionNo. Points
GCALL5Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM for 1 day1
GSURF5Redeem 1 data internet worth 5MB for 1 day1
FB1DRedeem this code to get Facebook access for 1 day1
INSTAG1DInstagram access for 1 day1
TWITTER1DTwitter data access for 1 day1
FBMES1DUse your FB Messenger for 1 day1
VIBER1DViber app access for 1 day1
GC10Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM plus 25 texts for 1 day2
GCALL1012-minute call for 1 day1
FB7DAll-day Facebook access for 7 days5
INSTAG7DInstagram access for 7 days5
TWITTER7DAll day Twitter for 7 days5
FBMES7DGet 7-day access to FB Messenger5
VIBER7DGet all days access for 7 days using Viber app5
FB15DPost status and update with all-day FB access for 15 days10
INSTAG15D15 days of access to Instagram app. Data charges may apply10
TWITTER15DAccess your Twitter account for 15 days10
FBMES15D15 days chat access to FB Messenger10
WAZE30D1GB data for Waze with 30 days validity80
GTXT15 SMS text to Globe/TM for 1 day1
YOUTUBE20200MB YouTube access for 1 day11
GOUNLI20Unlicalls to Globe/TM+20 SMS to all networks+15MB mobile data for 1 day4
Globe GOUNLI25unli-calls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+all-day Viber for 1 day5
GOUNLI50unlicalls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+50MB for 1 day10
GOUNLI95See the link for the description17
SULITXT15100 SMS to Globe/TM for 1 day3
UNLI20unli-text to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GCALL2030 mins. call to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GCOMBO2080 SMS & 5 mins call to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GOSAKTO17Redeem unli call to Globe/TM + 50 texts4
SMAC100100 SM Advantage card points130
SMAC200200 SM Advantage card points260
SMAC500500 SM Advantage card points650
SMAC10001000 SM Advantage card points1300
GOSURF1040mb surf for 1 day2
GOSURF1540mb surf for 2 days3
GOSURF30100mb surf for 1 day6
GOSURF501GB surf for 3 days10
GOSURF99200MB for 30 days20
POGO10100MB data Pokemon Go access for 1-day5
POGO15Pokemon Go access for 2 days with 100MB data7
POGO991GB data Pokemon Go access25
HOOQ149300MB data for HOOQ valid for 30 days15
HOOQ299HOOQ access for 1-month with 1GB data allocation30

Globe Rewards Points as Cash

You can use your Globe Rewards points as cash and redeem it at your nearest store partners. Your one point is equal to P1 i.e. 100 points = P100. The redemption process is via the new GlobeOne app.

Merchant PartnersRewards Points
The SM Store100
Bench Body50
Bench Barbers50
Bench for Her50
Bench and Bath50
Bench to Go50
FIX Salon50
Bench Skin Expert50
Call It Spring50
Cath Kidston50
Charles and Keith100
Cotton On100
American Eagle Outfitters100
La Senza100
Jamba Juice50
Dairy Queen50
SM Cinema100
SM IMAX and Director’s Club100
Ayala Cinemas100
Quantum Amusement20
Globe Store50

Voucher Rewards

You can use your Globe Rewards points as digital vouchers that can be claimed online, via website, apps and merchant stores. The redemption process is via the GlobeOne app and *143# menu.

Merchant ProductsPoints Required
Dunkin’ Donuts - Classic Donut30
Dunkin Premium Donut42
Dunkin Brewed Coffee (Large)75
Jollibee Vanilla Sundae17
Jollibee Peach Mango Pie42
Jollibee 1-pc Chicken78
Jollibee Spaghetti57
Jollibee 6-pc Chicken Joy Bucket405
McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae49
McDonald's Cheeseburger Solo81
McDonald's McCrispy Chicken Fillet w/ Rice99
McDonald's 20-pc Chicken McNuggets477
P50 ShopeePay Credits55
P100 ShopeePay Credits105
P300 ShopeePay Credits300
P500 ShopeePay Credits500
Lazada Voucher P100100
Lazada Voucher P300300
Lazada Voucher P500500
Razer Wallet PIN P2020
Razer Wallet PIN P5050
Razer Gold PIN P100100
Garena Shell Voucher P2020
Garena Shell Voucher P5050
LIFESTYLE50-₱50 0917 Lifestyle Voucher50
UPSTREAM100 - ₱100 Upstream Voucher100
GRAB100 - ₱100 GrabCar voucher100
GRABFOOD150 - ₱150 GrabFood voucher150
KKHALFDOZ - Krispy Kreme Half Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts Voucher205
VIU3D - 3-days Viu Premium Subscription15
CHATIME110 - Large Pearl Milk Tea at Chatime110
PICKAROO100 - ₱100 Voucher at Pickaroo100
Vivamax 7-day Subscription49
WeTV 7-day Subscription28
HBO Go 1-month Subscription100
SHOOR Voucher P5050

Globe Travel Rewards

You can use your points and converts it as travel points or discounts. You can avail it via SMS text keyword, *143# and the new GlobeOne app.

ITEM CODEDescriptionNo. Points
BIG150AirAsia flights to BIG points50
BIG300AirAsia flights to BIG points100
BIG900AirAsia flights to BIG points300
BIG1500AirAsia flights to BIG points500

Health Rewards

Here are the list of health-related Rewards you can redeem via the GlobeOne app and *143# menu.

DescriptionPoints Required
KonsultaMD Personal Annual Health Plan300
HealthNow One-time Consultation90
HealthNow P150 Off90
HealthNow Consultation and DeliveryFree
Pacific Cross P4,000 Health Insurance50
Pacific Cross P5,000 Health Insurance and 7 Teleconsultations35
Pacific Cross P20,000 Health Insurance70
GINSURE 3-month Insurance55
GOHEALTH20 - ₱1,000 insurance coverage for 3 months20
GOHEALTH55 - ₱4,000 insurance coverage for 3 months55

Globe Donation Rewards

Use your rewards points to donate organizations for a cause to the list of partners below. Rewards you can redeem via GlobeOne app and *143# menu.

DescriptionPoints Required
TZU CHI1-100

To access the latest and comprehensive collection of reward items, simply visit the Globe Rewards website and official social media pages. By doing so, you will have access to the most up-to-date and complete list of available rewards.

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