List of Globe Rewards: Redeem and Share Globe Points

List of Globe Rewards for 2019

Globe Rewards commonly known as MyRewards MyGlobe is a loyalty system of Globe which allows its prepaid and postpaid subscribers to earn points and redeem rewards. Globe Telecom offers rewards system to its subscribers by converting their earned points into Promos, Bill Rebates, Gift Certificates, Special Discounts, Exclusive Treats and many more.

You will earn Globe Rewards points if you purchase Globe prepaid load credits which you can exchange for Globe promos or purchase items at over 3,000 partner establishments such as National Bookstore, SM Cinema, Bench, KFC, Shell, and many more.

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List of Globe Rewards for 2022
How To Check Current Globe Points Balance
How to Redeem Globe Rewards
How to Gift Globe Rewards
How to Stop Globe Rewards
Globe Rewards Points Per Load
Globe Rewards Points Expiration
Globe Rewards Partners

The most redeemed rewards of Globe are the call, text and mobile internet promos. Every active Globe Subscriber is automatically enrolled in the Globe Rewards system, so no registration is necessary. You can conveniently redeem rewards thru Globe Rewards app (Globe Rewards on Google Play Store or GRewards on Apple App Store). Or via Globe/TM USSD Code, just dial *143# > Rewards > Redeem Rewards > Globe Telco Product. For the complete Globe Rewards list, you may refer at the table below. It contains the redemption item code, description, validity and points required.

List of Globe Rewards for 2022: Item Codes That You Can Redeem Using Your Points Earned

Reward Item CodeDescriptionValidityPoints Required
GSURF55MB data1 day1 point
GCALL55 minutes call to Globe/TM1 day1 point
INSTAG1DInstagram access1 day1 point
VIBER1DViber access1 day1 point
FB1DFacebook access1 day1 point
GC510 texts and 2 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day1 point
TWITTER1DTwitter app access1 day1 point
  • Facebook access
  • 40 MB mobile internet data
  • unlimited texts to all networks
1 day2 points
GOSAKTO10CALL10 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day2 points
GOSAKTO10TEXT50 texts to all networks1 day2 points
  • 10 minutes calls to Globe/TM
  • unlimited texts to Globe/TM
  • 50 texts to all networks
1 day2 points
  • 30MB app
  • 40MB mobile internet data
2 days3 points
GCALL1520 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day3 points
  • unlimited calls to Globe/TM
  • 20 texts to all networks
  • 15MB mobile internet data
1 day4 points
UNLI20unlimited texts to Globe/TM1 day4 points
POGO10100MB Pokemon Go access1 day5 points
FB7DFacebook access7 days5 points
FBMES7DFacebook Messenger access7 days5 points
VIBER7DViber access7 days5 points
TWITTER7DTwitter access7 days5 points
INSTAG7DInstagram access7 days5 points
  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Viber access
1 day5 points
  • 150MB mobile internet data
  • 50MB app of choice
2 days6 points
WAZE1D100MB Waze access1 day7 points
POGO15100MB Pokemon GO access2 days7 points
WECHAT1D100MB WeChat access1 day7 points
YOUTUBE10100MB Youtube access1 day7 points
SNAP1D100MB Snapchat access1 day7 points
TWITTER15DTwitter access15 days10 points
INSTAG15DInstagram access15 days10 points
FB15DFacebook access15 days10 points
FBMES15DFacebook Messenger access15 days10 points
VIBER15DViber Access15 days10 points
  • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 50MB mobile internet data (surf)
3 days10 points
  • 1GB mobile internet data
  • 300MB app of choice
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
3 days10 points
HOOQ59300MB HOOQ access7 days10 points
YOUTUBE20200MB YouTube access2 days11 points
HOOQ149300MB HOOQ access30 days15 points
POGO991GB Pokemon GO access30 days25 points
SNAP7D600MB Snapchat access7 days30 points
WAZE7D500MB Waze access7 days40 points
FB30D1GB Facebook access30 days50 points
YOUTUBE1991GB YouTube access30 days78 points
WAZE30D1GB Waze access30 days80 points
VIBER30D1GB Viber access30 days115 points
SNAP30D1GB Snapchat access30 days150 points
GOSURF2991GB mobile internet data30 days150 points
GOSURF5994GB mobile internet data30 days250 points
GOSURF9998GB mobile internet data30 days500 points

How To Check Current Globe Points Balance

To check your Globe Rewards Points, just text BAL to 4438

How to Redeem Globe Rewards

To redeem a Globe Reward, simply text REDEEM<space><REDEEM ITEM CODE> and send to 4438.

Example: REDEEM GOSURF50 send to 4438

How to Gift Globe Rewards

To send a globe reward as a gift to your family, loves ones or friend, just text GIFT<space><REDEEM ITEM CODE><space><10-Digit Recipient Number> then send to 4438.

Example: GIFT INSTAG1D 9951234567 send to 4438.

How to Stop Globe Rewards

You can opt out of notifications and SMS alerts by texting STOP to 4438. You will continue earning points but you will no longer be able to redeem a reward or perform SMS transactions with 4438. You can rejoin Globe Rewards by texting YES to 4438.

Globe Rewards Points Per Load

The amount of points that you will earn per load transaction is equivalent to 2% of the total load amount. If you load 50 pesos, you will earn 1 point, and so on. For Globe postpaid subscribers, points are computed based on your total monthly bill payments.

Globe Rewards Points Expiration

Unredeemed points by the end of the year will be forfeited by March 31 of the succeeding year. This means that all points accumulated in 2021 will be forfeited if not redeemed on or before March 30, 2022.

Globe Rewards Partners

You can use your Rewards points as cash to pay for your purchases at any of the 3,000 partner stores nationwide. One point is equivalent to ₱1. For example: 100 points = ₱100. If the value of the items exceeds your available points, you will have to pay the balance using cash or credit card. For example: ₱220 worth of items = 100 points + ₱120 cash. To know more for a list of partner stores and establishments, click here.

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That was the complete List of Globe Rewards for 2022. If you have any questions, just share your thoughts below or call the Globe hotline number 211.

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